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Celebrating 25 years of togetherness, affection, attraction, commitment, care, love and happiness

Marriage is a lifelong – till death do us apart commitment. And 25 years of love and care is milestone that we celebrate with gusto. Historically speaking wedding anniversaries dates back to the Holy Roman Empire. In those times the husbands would crown their wives with silver wreath on their 25th Anniversary. And this is from where the name Silver Jubilee originates. 25th wedding anniversary is not just the reminder of a long journey of the couple but also a mark of embracing each other through all the thick & thins and still ready to reach another milestone.

25 years!!!  That’s a reason to celebrate the togetherness of a couple with style and warmth. And no celebration is complete without gifts. So we have curated some 25th wedding anniversary gift ideas for your couple friend’s silver jubilee or your own anniversary gift registry.

25th wedding anniversary gift ideas:

Go traditional:

Don’t underestimate flower power! Buy a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers along with a heartfelt message and a card. Though it’s an old fashioned thing, but good enough to show your warmth. Another traditional thing is to give something in silver to mark the silver jubilee of your wedding vows.

Give them a cakelicious bash:

If you are very close to the couple, then make their day memorable. Throw a grand party for them! Make a list of invitees, send the invitation, fix your budget, book the venue, caterer service, decorators and make all the necessary arrangements. And also, don’t forget to order their favourite cake. A big cake for a big occasion!

Go, fly away!

Beach holidays or weekend getaways or any place that both of you would cherish. Know your better half’s favourite destination and make the bookings in advance to plan a second honeymoon. And spend some quality time together.

Something Classy for our good old couple:

Be it a furniture, Wine bottle, clothing or anything that is that is useful or cherishing is an excellent gift for the couple who loves simplicity. Also, some antiques, carvings or a painting can be a fantastic choice for the art lover couple.

Photo books: Journey to the wonderful past

Over the years, you must have loads of memories in the form of photos and videos.  There isn’t any better way to relive your glorious past than by gifting your better half a collection of the photos of two of you together.

An intimate dinner date for the couple:

A romantic evening followed by candlelight dinner at one of the couple’s favorite restaurants is a pretty good idea for the silver jubilee. Further even few close friends and relatives can be invited over without spending a lot on gala party.

Platinum for the pure bond:

Love begins in a moment, grows over time and lasts for eternity. So, come on, celebrate the 25 years long journey of your unconditional love with platinum love bands. After all, Platinum is the best choice to realise the strength of your eternal bond.

Use these 25th wedding anniversary gift ideas as inspiration and make the occasion special and memorable.

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