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Two tiny feet that sway in the air, two little hands that lug your hair! The soft baby bum that you love to pat, round chubby face with mischievous eyes. He is a bundle of bliss to love and embrace. Are you looking for an adorable gift for mamma’s little boy? Here is a curated a list of our favourite baby boy gifts.

Baby Carriers

These munchkins may look like angles but in reality are wriggly devils. And they demand to be carried everywhere. So, what could be a better gift idea than a comfortable and sturdy baby carrier? The parents will definitely love to have this gift. In fact, this one is a baby shower gift registry favourite amongst baby boy gifts.


Baa Baa baby boy will you have some wool?!! Infants require special care and winter wears are essential for the new-borns. Winter wears for babies such as baby caps, mittens, sweaters or booties are great options for a baby registry.

Musical Toys

Gift pure fun to the tiny toddlers, by gifting a musical toy that engages and delights them. This type of gifts will fill the house with music and giggles. So, keep it on your baby shower registry or gift it to new born babies.


Little boys are a tiny packet of energy. And keeping them in one place is a task for any parent. So, what could be a better gift than a bouncy seat that manages to keep them safe and snug? Also, you can gift one which has music and lights. This will keep the imp busy and entertained.

Diapers and diaper bags

A baby wishlist is incomplete without something for the little baby bums. Diapers and wipes are something that babies consume at great speed. They are the basics that no new parent can have enough of them. So help keep babies clean, dry and healthy. You can also, complete the gift with a stylish diaper bag.

Further, keep one thing in mind that the excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than its value. So, buy something that is practical, sentimental, and personal.

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