Shop for Baby Gifts Online: Sugar, Spice and all Things Nice

Baby Gifts Online for that perfect baby shower

Oh boy! Ah girl!! Ooh baby!!! Do you know how much stuff does this little buggers need? The short answer is lots of it!! But luckily for the parents shopping for baby gifts online is very easy and rewarding. In fact, when it comes to online shopping we are usually spoilt for choices. So, we have come up with some amazing must have baby gifts online.


There is nothing as sweet as tiny little feet. Babies are prone to cold and the best way to keep them toasty is to wrap them up like a cinnamon roll. Buy a set of woollens for baby, complete with tiny muffler, socks, mittens, sweater, cap, and booties. This will keep the babies warm and healthy.

Baby utensils

There is just something magical about those miniature baby stuff. Make sure that you have bought an extra set of milk bottles, baby cups, spoon, dishes, and pacifier. Because once a baby comes you will not have to go looking for the items in your already messy home.

Travel gear

What we mean by travel gear is some sort of gear that helps you carry the baby around. They might look tiny but constantly carrying them in your hand can become cumbersome. There are an amazing collection of pram, buggy or car seats available online.


A newborn baby spends a majority of its time sleeping. Thank god for the little mercies. But you still need to constantly care for them. So make sure that you have at least half a dozen pair of night suits.

Bathing Gear

A lot of care is required while bathing a baby. You need a small easy to clean hard plastic bathtub, bath towels, gentle baby wash and shampoo, oil for massaging the baby, baby cream and most importantly a plastic ducky.

Personalised Bedtime Gear

A peaceful sleep is essential for a healthy growth of the baby. So make sure to buy good quality baby mattress/bed, bedsheets, baby blanket, mosquito net. You can also easily get it customized and add a personal touch.

Feeding Gear

Meal times with a baby can be very difficult. Make sure you have stock of enough formula powder if you are not breastfeeding. Another good thing to have if you are breastfeeding is a nursing cover. Hence, Make sure the material cover is light and breathable.

Hygiene Gear

With babies, hygiene is directly connected with their health. So, you need to maintain hygiene around the newborn. Also, the essentials are baby nail clippers, hand sanitizer, skincare wipes and cotton buds.

So mommies and papas to be this is a list of items that you should keep in mind if you are shopping for baby gifts online.

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