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With a handful of happiness, she fills every life around her with sunshine and love. And that’s why Baby girls are a wee bit of heaven, drifted down as a blessing. We all know that these little butterflies are made of sugar, spice, and everything nice. So if anyone deserves to be spoiled, it’s them! Here are some thoughtful ideas for baby girl gifts, regardless of the occasion. You can add them to your baby shower registry or your little one’s birthday wishlist.

Baby girl gifts:

Décor for her nursery room.

Tiny is her stature, mighty is her roar. She is a lioness, in complete control of her kingdom. Decorate her little world by gifting her a baby cot, critter step stool, name frame, night lights and more. Go with unique nursery décor essentials that are useful and custom made by you.

Cuddly cradle

Up above a little fairy swings, with gossamer angel wings, when she rocks, all heaven sings a lullaby of love. Want to gift something that carries little sentiment and has a personal touch? Cradle is a perfect gift for the cuddly cutie. And even her mommy and daddy will enjoy it.

Bed Time fairy tale books

Just the way Stardust glisten on fairies’ wings, little girl’s dreams are of magical things. However, babies speak to us in their own language and understand lot more than we think. Bed time stories create a magical and strong bond between parents and their little girl. So, it’s a beautiful idea to gift a set of fairy tales to a little fairy you know. Books are one of the most popular baby girl gifts.

Pamper Cinderella’s feet

First, she rolled, then she crawled and now she’s standing straight and tall. With hands outstretched her little feet will walk into the arms she’ll meet. Gifting a shoe collection to a little girl can be as magical as her magical little feet. After all her precious little feet make the lasting impression in everyone’s heart.

Cute onesies and tutus 

Onesies are the most essential clothing that a little one will need for the first year of her life. You can also have them personalised. Tutu’s are great for photo sessions or if one wants to dress up the little ones just because. There are loads of colour and design options available for new born baby girls. Pick something cute and comfy.


She has just arrived and her world is limited in terms of sight and sounds. Introduce the world to her and gift a stroller. There are many amazing stroller options like Princess Stroller or stroller that converts into a pram. Add some cute stroller toys to it and she will be happy to be pushed around. This is a very practical gift option that the baby girl will love.

Image Source: Pexels

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