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Baby shower theme – Check.

Mouthwatering menu – Check.

Baby shower Registry – Check.

Unique invitations – Check.

Baby shower games – Check.

Baby shower games that guests actually enjoy – maybe not check.

When you are planning to throw a unique fete for the mom to be, you need to be sure that all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed. And the best way to turn the shower into a success is to play some fun and interactive games that the guests truly enjoy. So if you are planning to throw a baby shower and are looking for games that are fresh and fun, you have come to the right place. Here are 5 interactive baby shower games that your guests will love to play.

Who’s that baby?

Everybody loves looking at the baby pics. So, why not turn this into a game. Ask your guests in the invitation itself to bring their baby photo. Put all the photos in a big bowl. Now each guest picks up three photos and guesses who it is. The person with the most correct guesses is the winner. You can also add some celebrity childhood photo to the mix. This game is also a perfect ice breaker if your guests don’t know each other. Further gift the winner an awesome photo frame to show off their own baby pic.

Diaper Notes

Every parent laments the middle of night diaper changing. So why not make their 2 a.m call a little more fun. Buy a large box of diapers and hand out them to the guests. Now get each guest to write some message, be it inspirational or a funny quote or even a dirty joke. These messages will make the parents laugh when they feel like crying over a dirty diaper.

Baby Shower Bingo

As you start planning the shower, ask the mom to be all sorts of questions. Like what are her cravings? How long did the morning sickness last? When is her due date? Further also get to know the guests, and ask some personal questions about them. Then turn all these answers into a bingo card. Print out the BINGO templets for each guest. And whoever forms a line of right answers wins the game.

Draw the Baby

Every mother to-be wonders what her baby will look like. And what could be a better way to entertain the expectant mum then show her how her little one might look like. Arrange a big cardboard, some marker pen, and a stand to support the card board. Ask your guests to draw the baby. They can draw the inspiration from the parents to be and make a caricature of the baby. This hilarious shower activity will also give insight whether you have a Picasso hidden among your friends.  Make mommy choose the drawing she likes the best.

Time Capsule

This is my favorite among all baby shower games. This game is actually a gift for the little one. Get a large container and decorate it in the shower’s theme. Inform the guests in the invitation itself that they should bring an object that represents the current time. Put everything that the guests brought in the box and save it for when the baby grows up. This will show the baby what the life was like when he or she was born.

Try out every one of these games and turn your shower that the guests and mom both love.

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