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When it comes to gifting, especially baby shower ideas, tiny clothes and a nursery full of toys comes to sight. The baby is on her way and you need to be on toes with every single Mom & Baby product. Yes, you’ll shower the mom-to-be with baby skin care products and of course diapers. But there’s more to baby shower ideas from gifting point of view.

Exclusive Baby Shower Ideas for Gifting Purpose

Get this adorably cushy bean bag for the tot. This has to be one of the cutest Baby shower gifting idea. This one has a belt which safely hugs your baby lulling her into a sound sleep. It is mother’s arms away from her arms. As she grows up she can use it as a bean bag; spongy and fun. The avocado look of this bean bag is bound to make you dote on it. Furthermore, this is by far one of the comfiest baby shower ideas for gifting.

Every mom-to-be will be more than thankful for presenting such a creative way of storing baby supplies, saving her from the stress of looking for a hospital bag for baby accessories. This super bag makes one of the most amazing baby shower ideas for gifting. In addition to the 11 different compartments for bottles, keys, phones and other supplies, this bag is sure a mom’s lifesaver!

No matter how weird this sounds, this shall prove to be a very thoughtful gift for the parents when their tiny tot outgrows all those little clothes. This will be the time when your gift will be appreciated the most. Also, think beyond the present. Think bigger.

Most effortless way to transport your kid anywhere. This baby car seat converts into a stroller very effectively and smoothly. What else could parents-to-be want? It is an easy and safe way of carrying their baby while going places.

What! That’s every new parent’s dream come true. Gift them their dream. Further more, this travel bag turns into a crib. This is genius. It’s as amazing as it sounds. What more to say!

Less work for the parents. No need to mush the food. In addition, this is an easy way of turning fresh fruits into baby food. The baby will make her own food and will relieve her sore gums during that teeth eruption phase. What a great workout for the teething baby!

This baby monitor transmits audio and video of your baby boo. Now your child will never stay out of your sight. Also, you can do chores anywhere in the house while still keeping an eye on your kid. As a result, every movement of the kid shall be under your surveillance, ensuring you of her safety. Consequently, it lets you dote on her each second. It allows a two-way communication. And it is wireless!

Think different and gift something special to the mother. Gift her memories. Collect childhood clothes of the mom-to-be and see her tears of joy at your thoughtfulness. This idea is for all the lovely mothers. Because only you have an access to your daughter’s cherishing childhood.

In conclusion, you know how much thought does gifts for tiny tots require. Hope you have a memorable baby shower with these ideas.

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