Exciting Baby Shower Invitations: Etiquettes & Ideas

Baby Shower Invitations ideas on Love to Have App

A baby shower is not yet another party; it is special. You are inviting friends and family to join you for a celebration that marks an important milestone in your journey as a parent. Expect plenty of blessings, good advice and gifts to welcome your baby, well-in-advance. What should the guests expect? Unfold the experience in a unique way through baby shower invitations that are personal and promising.

Let us run through some etiquettes for baby shower invitations first. You are asking people to set out some time from their busy schedules. A 4 to 6 weeks prior invitation should ensure plenty of well-wishers joining you on your special day. While nobody ever forgets to mention the date, time and location, RSVP information is often forgotten. Help people get in touch with a person for more on the event. Hint the theme so guests have enough time to prepare for the fun-filled evening. And how about adding the gift registry link right in the invitation? Ofcourse, there is no obligation on the guests part but being practical is always appreciated.

Now the baby shower invitations itself can be suited to match a gender:

Boys: You are allowed to stereotype the baby shower invitations. Yes, go with blue if you have to. And then mix the wordings with everything male – sports, cars, ties and formals. Pull up the same thing into visuals and even dress code if you like. Add a moustache, beard or a prop to the visuals. Emphasize on keeping it macho and bold, even while choosing the decorations and accessories for the actual party

Girls: The obvious choice is pink but feel free to blend it with white and pastels. Girls are sweet, sugary and adorable. So let the theme go the princess and fairytale way. Include stuff like booties, frills, cakes and dresses in your wordings. The little one in the tummy will love it too. The chosen games for the evening can also be girly favourites.

Gender neutral: If you have kept the gender a surprise, do away with blue or pink in your invite. Do not hit anything at all and choose a fusion that keeps everyone guessing.

Looking for wording inspirations?

Try these: Invitation Consultants or The Bump 

Looking for format ideas? Try one of these if you are not going digital:

Message in box style invite is pretty intriguing.

You can do pop invites with a prop that hints the theme.

Ditch printers and create something with your hands if you have few guests.

Cartoon themes work well. You can get a friend to illustrate a special one for you.

How about using some disposable material that is environment friendly.

If you decide to include your Love to Have baby shower registry in your invite, select some ideas from our specially curated Babyliscious board.

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