Best gifts to give this year and every other year…

best gifts

When it comes to best gifts we all clamor at the last minute and with varying budgets we all eventually go wrong. All the gifts we give are rushed and not well thought off. We at Love to Have, will help you find the best gifts that you can give this year or every other year…

A DSLR Camera:

There’s nothing more special than those memories we collect. We all have memories that need to be captured for life and the camera which is one of the best inventions of mankind assists us like nothing else. The cameras are getting better in terms of resolution and easier to use. So, now even an average person can operate a DSLR and get amazing pictures. Gift one of these to your loved ones and share their amazing journey through pictures.


he Kindle has done what books could not do – seeped into every household. Whether it’s kids, grandparents or just friends – everybody loves this handy gadget. You can gift it to the ones who love to read and travel. Most often when gifting books, you never know if the person has read it or if the person really enjoys a particular author. But with the Kindle, you don’t have to worry at all. IT’s light, it doesn’t strain the eyes and you can store thousands of books. Carry it anywhere and everywhere – never be bored!

Wall Art:

Everybody has a home, a wall a corner that’s calling out for some exciting wall art. From newborn babies to great grandparents this can add meaning to the spaces it occupies. Do make sure that you know the wall that the art will occupy before you buy the gift, know the decor of the room, the recipient’s personalities before you buy the gift. With the explosion of online stores buying art can be a bit daunting. You will first decide on your budget then pick either paintings, illustrations, photographs or art prints.

Personalised Gifts:

There’s a little thrill when one receives a personalised gift. The gifts are so much more special because of its unique touch. There are a whole lot of gift options available if you want something personalised. From Champaign glasses and notebooks to bathrobes, from bracelets and pendants to wall art – the list is endless.

Perfume,Watches and Jewellery:

These are timeless gifts. Everyone has one or more of these, but there’s still space for more. You can pick and choose either a watch, perfume or jewellery according to the recipient. pay attention to their personality and choose one that will be appropriate. You can also get one that fits your budget – it doesn’t have to be expensive it has to be thoughtful.

Love to have also has a curated list that you can browse through to make an informed decision. Pick thoughtfully and in all certainty it will be one of the best gifts !!!

Image :- Negative Space – Photography

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I love this post. I actually ended up for our first anniversary doing the his & hers for my husband and I. I brought us his and her watches with photo’s of our only son in each. My husband absolutely loved it. Great article, I can’t wait to try #3 this year for our anniversary.