Best list of Wedding Gifts for Men

What are the Best Wedding Gifts for Men

Weddings are known for their pomp and glamor. Every newlywed appreciates a good gift. In Indian weddings, gifting the couple is probably seen as one of the most important things in the wedding ceremony. Choosing what to gift a newly married couple can sometimes be hectic. Furthermore, choosing wedding gifts for men can be next to impossible.

So what are the best wedding gifts for men?

An engraved gift
Giving a man an engraved and a customized gift will mean a lot to him. And, you can perhaps have any of the following items engraved with one of his best quotes or with words that mean a lot to you both. A crystal clock, a beer mug, a lighter, a notepad, a key holder, an engraved glass, or a wallet. He will love the personal touch and probably remember you every time he uses any of these gifts.

Tech gadgets
Many men are tech junkies and they love anything and everything tech. Do a quick research on the new trending tech gadgets and pick one that suits your budget. It could either be an iPad or fitness tracker, a play station, a laptop, a smartphone, a camera or any other gadget you think will be appealing to him.

Subscription to a sports club
A lot of men are sports lovers. In a situation like today where sporting fields and play areas are fast disappearing – a subscription to a sports club is something that he will appreciate highly. You can also perhaps gift him a sports package for a sporting holiday.

A watch
A watch is one of the best gifts to give as a wedding gift. Unlike so many other gifts, you know a watch will last and he will always remember you every time he uses it. Do be careful when you buy a watch though – there are many sizes, shapes, colours and materials. Pick one that will be appropriate for the person’s personality.

A nice cologne
Men love to smell good. And everyone loves a man that smells good. Gift him a nice perfume gift pack that come in addition to the perfume  – a lotion and an aftershave.

A bow tie
A tie is an important accessory in a man’s wardrobe, a bow tie is unique and the newest accessory trend amongst men. Gifting a man with a bow tie means you think of him as being classy. Choose the colors you think or know he loves. And, you can also add a belt to go with the bow tie.

A years supply of beer
Men love their beer. nothing can come between the two – not w wedding not a wife, not a dog. So, get him something that he will always always be grateful for. A years supply of beer. If the economics don’t work out for you to gift it yourself you can always group gift it or create a cash fund, invite your buddies and together gift the special man his special brew.

Choosing wedding gifts for men will depend on how much you are willing to spend without denting your savings or the relationship between you and the person you are gifting. The choice of gifts is wide. Furthermore, while buying wedding gifts for men, choose wisely and choose with love. You know he will love and appreciate any gift you give – but, regardless go for what you know will most likely have lasting memories.

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