Best toys for 2 year olds

best toys for a two year old

Choosing the perfect toys for your precious little one can definitely be a daunting task. I have tried to give suggestions on what I think will be the best choices for any toddler. A perfect gift should ideally aid in enhancing the toddler’s developmental milestones as well as stay open-ended leaving room for fun and creativity. I have tried to narrow down a a list of best toys for a two year old that my toddlers and I have enjoyed playing with.

The best toys for a two year old to enhance gross motor skills:

Balance – a skill that helps a toddler perfect gross motor skill like walking, running, jumping and climbing. At two a toddler loves speed, they love to scoot around and enjoy toys that help them move faster.

Three-wheeled scooter:

It has two front wheels that help in better control and stability easy enough for a two year old to control. This particular model has height adjustments that will allow your child to use it until the age of four.

Balance bike:

This is a training bicycle that helps children learn balance and steering. It has no pedals. The child has more control because their feet are on the ground. The rationale behind this bike is that ‘If you can balance, it’s easier to add pedaling later, instead of trying to master both skills at once.’ A good balance bike made in India is the Brilrider.

The best toys for a two year old to enhance fine-motor skills:


This toy has stood the test of time and offers everything one looks for in a good toy. It educational, builds creativity, helps develop imagination, encourages together playtime and can last a lifetime. Be sure to choose the Lego Duplo meant for toddlers (1 1/2 – 5 years). An “all in one box” is an ideal starting option as its open-ended.

Wooden puzzles:

There are numerous options available in wooden puzzles these days, you can buy a different sets starting with a 4-6 piece jigsaw puzzle to more complicated ones as your child grows. These puzzles also help strengthen the pincer grip that helps the child feed himself, pick up food and small objects and ultimately the grip needed for holding a pencil, closing zips and buttoning up etc.

Melissa and Doug pattern blocks and board:

This is an extremely versatile toy. My kids love making their own patterns with all the pieces and also enjoy the challenge of creating different patterns on the board.

The best toys for a two year old to enhance creativity and imagination:

At two, another amazing development is their imagination. A great way to encourage this development is pretend play. It helps them understand the world around them by letting the child actively experimenting with social and emotional roles in life and also develops thinking and social skills. There are numerous toys that encourage pretend play like a kitchen set, doctors’ set, doll house, play-mats with roads/cityscape. I would recommend that you try and pick up the best quality of the toy you choose to buy because these toys will be part of their life for at least another 5 years and you wouldn’t want them to break easily.

Writer : Vinoo Belliappa

Image :- Markus Spiske 


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