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Birthdays are a special occasion that every person be it a kid or an adult cherishes. Even if someone says that they don’t like celebrating their birthday, believe me, they are lying – even to themselves. But when the occasion is your friend’s birthday, it is your duty to make sure that they have the time of their life. After all, you are partners in crime, so it is fitting for you to celebrate the day your partner came into the world. And as without gifts, every celebration is incomplete, Love to Have brings to you a wishlist of birthday gifts for friends.

A fabulous day

It is your best friend’s birthday, and so why should the celebration be confined to just a few hour bash. Plan a day full of surprises. Just think of all things they love, like what’s their favourite places to eat or what they enjoy most. And after that plan whole day around whatever activities they like most. And what’s more, there is no one stopping you from extending the celebrations to a week or even month.

Set up a Wishing Well

It is very rightly said that your best friend is more of a soulmate then your better half. So, there is no one better than you to set up a wishing well to fulfil your best friend’s most cherished desire. Create a fund and circulate the details of funds to all your common friends.

Friendship Scrapbook

The best part of any friendship is the memories we make together. Create a snapshot of your time together. Start from the day you met and show how meeting them changed your life. We all crave a little bit of appreciation, and what could be a better day to appreciate it than a birthday!

Balloons Galore

No, it is not childish. And even if it is, the kid in the adult will absolutely love it. Surprise your friend with an avalanche of balloons as soon as they open the door. Or better yet fill their room with balloons while they are sleeping and they will have the best surprise when they wake up.

Birthday Cards

Here, we are talking about those old-school paper birthday cards and not the digital ones. They might seem bit old fashion but the digital cards do not feel as personal or sentimental like the paper birthday card. And what’s more, you can also try making one yourself.


No good deed goes unrewarded. So, spread the cheer by helping out those in need. Plan some voluntary charitable activities like distributing foods or helping elderly, disabled and kids. Among all ideas on birthday gifts for friends, this one is a favourite as one is giving cheer and in turn receiving blessings.

Don’t let your friends feel neglected on their birthday. Choose anything from our wishlist of birthday gifts for friends and make their day more special. After all, friends are the family we choose for ourselves.

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