5 unique Birthday Gifts ideas for the most amazing creation of God

Birthday Gifts For Her a Perfect Guide on Love to Have Blog

Nope, we are not talking about chocolate. She is perhaps the finest creation of God. Every woman secretly wants her birthday to be magical. And nothing could make a person feel more special than a well thought out gift. But here’s the caveat, gifting is a difficult task and when you are getting a gift for a woman the difficulty just goes a notch higher. And this is why we have made a wishlist of Birthday gifts for her, which she will love to have.


Women are sensitive creatures and enjoy finer things in life. And there is just something about a fragrance or perfume that can uplift one’s mood and make one feel fresh. So, think of gifting her favorite perfume on her big day. Point to remember here is that you don’t buy the fragrance she does not like. Just get to know her preference prior to gifting.


Women might seem like superheroes but they still require their daily dose of caffeine for them to function optimally. This is one of the birthday gift for her that we seldom think of. But believe me she will really appreciate a gift basket of finest coffee beans (Also add the good old instant, for the busy days) over box of chocolates. After all, chocolates add calories, whereas coffee makes us more human.


Not all girls are made up of sugar, spice, and everything nice. Some are made of wit, wine and everything fine. Gift her a bottle or set of bottles of her preferred wine. Just imagine how much she is going to love you when after a tiring day she is relaxing in front of TV sipping her favorite wine, that you gifted her.

Tech Toys

Why should boys have all the fun!!! Girls do love their tech toys. In fact, this is one of the safest options to gift if you don’t know her very well. And the options here are many as per your price band. Anything from a fit bit, kindle, digital frames to even a not so tech phone covers is a great idea for birthday gifts for her.

Apparel and Accessories

Clothes are every women’s weakness. Remember, even if she has two closets full of clothes, she will not have anything to wear next time she wants to go out. So, a gift of apparel is something she is always going to love. However, if you are not too sure about size and colour preference, play safe and buy the accessories. A cute pair of earrings or classy sunglasses shall also make her ecstatic.

Well, folks, this is it the ultimate birthday gifts for her ideas that are fit for a queen. So, next time it is birthday of your mom, wife, sister or friend give a gift that she will love to have.

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