Indian Bridal Gowns in Vogue: Say yes to the Dress

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Don’t you wish to have a spectacular bridal gown that beautifully fits your body type and gear up your style? After all, we all dream of having a perfect wedding dress for years. But even after all the years of dreaming or playing dress up when it comes to the real thing we get so confused. Now, depending on your culture or which part of India you belong to your choice of wedding dress will vary.

The choice of a wedding dress can range from traditional Sarees, Salwar Kameez, Lehenga Choli, Anarkali or a simple white gown. There are just so many options and styles to choose from. Frankly, why not be choosy? After all, wedding is a once in a lifetime experience for any bride. We have done some research and created a unique guidebook for selecting the vogue and perfect bridal gowns.

Old is gold

When it comes to Indian weddings, our bridal couture is perhaps most unique in the world. From colours to the bling Indian wedding attire has an age-old traditional appeal. In fact, most of our bridal gowns still have those customary styles and designs. So if you are someone who loves traditions, go back to our ancestral time and bring back those olden golden days. Yes, I am talking about the blood red lehenga or saree with teamed up with intricately carved gold jewelry. Again as I said depending upon your culture the style and color will change but the bling shall always remain.

New is good too

India is greatly influenced by western culture, there are many brides who prefer to have a destination wedding at a beach wearing those fairly like wedding gowns. So, if you prefer to have a cosmopolitan wedding, the best bridal gowns would be a simple straight cut with an A-line form. If you prefer something extravagant you can go for a princess gown and live your Cinderella dreams.

Fusion is better

Is there any way to eat your cake and keep it too? Well maybe not, but you can definitely have a bridal gown that has best of both world. This wedding season most of the top Indian designers have come up with amazing fusion wedding attire. The best fusion style this season is the traditional lehenga with a trail. Here the western royal tradition meets our culture to create an uber chic wedding ensemble. The another western trend that our designers are loving is the use of pastel shades. Chucking the traditional red, wedding gowns in pastel and hues are in vogue.

The most important rule to remember when selecting the bridal gown is to first decide on the theme or type of wedding you want and then to select the attire to suit the theme. So first decide the kind of wedding you want and then decide to on the dress that you have been dreaming about.

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