Bride to be gifts that will surely be loved

Bride to be gifts


When it rains it pours, when it’s the wedding season it’s usually a cloudburst. With so many little occasions you never know what to gift when. A bridal shower is one such occasion, Bride to be gifts are hard to think up. It’s not as big as a wedding gift but it has to be just as thoughtful. Here are some gifts that the bride to be would love to have.

Instamax Camera:

There is something romantic about Instant Film Cameras. In the age of phone and digital photography you never have the satisfaction of holding and feeling a photograph. With this Instamax Camera, the bride to be can capture exciting moments and watch as it comes alive. You can pick from a range of fun colours and add accessories depending on your budget.

Gift Experiences:

Experiences are one of the Bride To Be Gifts that are trending. Be it a spa treatment to help the bride cope with the wedding stress or a little dinner in a cozy restaurant. However, know how the bride is doing amidst the wedding planning and choose the one you feel she would enjoy. It’s not a gift that she can store physically but its something that she will cherish. Browse through Love to Have’s curated list of experiences and pick one that is appropriate,

Jewellery box:

In India, most weddings are about the jewellery. Even if the bride doesn’t usually wear too much jewellery she cannot escape it when it’s wedding time. There are so many little occasions and parties before and after the wedding that a bride usually builds a nice little jewellery collection. You can gift her a jewellery box to store her new collection of bling. India Circus has a fun and reasonably priced collection that you can pick from.

Shop Travel:

Travel is inevitably on every bride’s wishlist. A great idea is to gift her something she can use when she travels. A little pouch, a wet sack, a journal, comfortable travel clothes, a scarf, sunglasses etc. The options are all exciting to have and fun to receive. And, most of all these gifts will be useful as well. Nicobar is the store to visit to shop travel. Their products are fun, quirky and easy.

Cookbook for two:

The days when a woman was expected to be the one responsible for the kitchen are slowly fading away. The newlyweds are both responsible for cooking and cleaning. What better way to start the journey! Here is a fun way they can share the task of whipping up a meal. The two in a kitchen cookbook for newlyweds has over 150 recipes that include breakfast, brunch, and dinners. The format is modern with great illustrations and neat photography.

These are just some best bride to be gifts that will surely be loved. If you want to explore further browse through love to have’s Gifts for Brides’ and Wedding Gifts for Bride’ for more ideas.

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