What Is A Wish List?

What Is A Wish List

Wishlists are fast becoming popular in India. With India’s age-old tradition of gift giving everybody ends up with unwanted gifts not only during weddings but also for Diwali, Christmas, and other festivals. The reason for the popularity of Wishlist’s are gift duplications and receiving something you absolutely don’t like. But, What is a Wish List? A […]

Best Birthday Gifts for Everyone in the Family

Best Birthday Gifts

  Everybody has a family and everybody has a birthday. Year after year every year one has to think deep and hard about what gifts one has to buy the loved ones. Love to Have makes it a little easier for you with a list of best birthday gifts for everyone in the family. Mother: […]

Bride to be gifts that will surely be loved

Bride to be gifts

  When it rains it pours, when it’s the wedding season it’s usually a cloudburst. With so many little occasions you never know what to gift when. A bridal shower is one such occasion, Bride to be gifts are hard to think up. It’s not as big as a wedding gift but it has to […]

Best gifts to give this year and every other year…

best gifts

When it comes to best gifts we all clamor at the last minute and with varying budgets we all eventually go wrong. All the gifts we give are rushed and not well thought off. We at Love to Have, will help you find the best gifts that you can give this year or every other […]

Retirement Gifts – Because every ending offers new beginnings

Retirement Gifts

Retirement – the word is a paradox in itself. It is closing of one chapter and an opening of another. And one feels the euphoria of starting a new chapter of life and also the sadness of closing the old one. Which is why giving retirement gifts is so tough. You want to give something […]

Creative Gift Ideas

Creative Gift Ideas for any occasion

With every passing day, the world is getting smaller and smaller and creative gift ideas are lost in the clutter of marketing. Love to Have brings to you exciting creative gift ideas that you can use for almost anybody. Surprise the recipient with uniqueness and the creativity in these gifts. Creative Gift Ideas: Living Room […]

Anniversary Gift List for Anniversary Milestones

Anniversary Gift List for Anniversary Milestones

Every couple needs a little reminder every now and then about how lucky they are and to take stock of their journeys. Anniversaries are the perfect occasions to gift your better half something that they will cherish and something that will be there through their journey of life. Here is an anniversary gift list by […]

Birthday gift ideas for your Wife

birthday gift ideas for wife

Ideal birthday gift ideas for wife are elusive and you can never quite pin them down. Every year, year by year, you have to wreak your brains and get creative. You cannot repeat a gift. It cannot be mundane, it has to thoughtful, she has to love it! This is a huge responsibility. However, we […]

Awesome Gender Neutral Kid Gifts

Gender Neutral Kid Gifts on Love to Have Gift Registry India

Pink is for girls and blue is for boys! Really? We may not realize this now, but we often let our gender stereotypes influence the choices we make. Who is to say a girl couldn’t like Superman or a boy would shy away from owning a baking set? Even big companies like Disney are dropping […]

Gifting Ideas for Children’s Birthdays

Gifting Ideas for Children’s Birthdays

Deciding what to gift kids on their birthdays is no easy task. It requires long hours of patience and sometimes hopping from one gift shop to the other when you have no idea what you are looking for. But worry not, we present to you our top 5 unique gifting ideas for children’s birthdays that […]