Five Popular Wedding Wishes for Your Online Gift Registry


The wedding day is one of the most memorable days in the life of any couple-to-be that they would cherish all their lives. The bride gets a new family to love and care for her. And then, not to forget, a LOT of wedding gifts. Can things get any better than this? Well, it actually […]

Why and How of creating a Wedding Wishlist

Wedding Wishlist on Love to Have Gift Registry

The concept of a wedding registry is gaining increasing acceptance in India. Engaged couples can now register and share their list of gifts they would want on their wedding day with family and friends. Let’s know more about why these wedding wishlists are so beneficial to the would-be couples and also look at some points […]

Wedding Gifts – after all, it is my best friend’s wedding…

Gift for friend marriage

Do you know more than 10 million weddings take place in India every year? Which means, there cannot be a single year of your life when you are not attending a wedding. Which in turn means you will find yourself googling “ Gift for friend marriage ” every time you are attending a wedding. So, […]

Wedding gifts for Girls – A meaningful token to celebrate her most joyous moment

Wedding gifts for Girls

A girl when getting married goes through plethora of emotions. In fact, a bride’s mood can swing from joy to bewilderment, energetic to fatigue and denial to acceptance. But between thinking about guests, dresses, food and décor it is just a girl who is leaving her parent’s home and should be showered with all blessings […]

Anniversary Gift List for Anniversary Milestones

Anniversary Gift List for Anniversary Milestones

Every couple needs a little reminder every now and then about how lucky they are and to take stock of their journeys. Anniversaries are the perfect occasions to gift your better half something that they will cherish and something that will be there through their journey of life. Here is an anniversary gift list by […]

Birthday gift ideas for your Wife

birthday gift ideas for wife

Ideal birthday gift ideas for wife are elusive and you can never quite pin them down. Every year, year by year, you have to wreak your brains and get creative. You cannot repeat a gift. It cannot be mundane, it has to thoughtful, she has to love it! This is a huge responsibility. However, we […]

Group Gifting

Group Gifting Blog

Amongst Love to Have’s exciting features is something called ‘Group Gifting‘. With Group Gifting you never have to think twice about what you are going to add to your Wishlist. What is Group Gifting: When you register a Wishlist on Love to Have you have the choice of adding any item of any value to […]

5 Wedding Sarees Handpicked from the Best of Bests

5 Wedding Sarees Handpicked from the Best of Best

No wedding compares to a big fat Indian wedding. Right from the breathtaking entrance of the banquet hall to the mouthwatering Indian delicacies, from those gorgeous giggles to those gaudy attires! Everything about an Indian wedding is simply ah-mazing! There is merriment and happy vibes all around. Relatives bustling in and out with gaiety. Everyone […]

Choose the Best Gift for Marriage from this Exclusive List

best gift for marriage blog on Love to Have

Be it your lovely sister or your bestie. Be it your son or your brother. Gifts for the bride and the groom have to be top notch. You sure do not want your gift to lay dead in some corner or be forgotten after the party gets over. Dresses? Her in-laws are most probably gonna […]

How and why to create a Wedding Website?

Wedding Websites for Weddings

With a wedding website you will be planting seeds of a memorable and cherishing marriage. If you are the kind who looks for a one-stop-planner-for-everything then wedding websites are your solution. Here are the answers to all those questions popping in your head. WEDDING WEBSITES: In simple terms, it is a focal point for the guests, […]