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Baby showers are very important occasions in India, baby showers are held in the seventh month of a Mother’s pregnancy. It is a social occasion with lots of food, refreshments, entertainment, fun games, and many other events. It is also a moment when young mothers in India are taught how to take care of the baby. Every member of the family and friends of the expectant mother want to join in on celebrating the arrival of the newborn. One of the joys of a baby shower is the look on the face of the mother-to-be when she opens her baby shower gifts.

One can go really wrong with baby shower gifts. Most often the expectant mothers get many gifts of the same kind, which mostly are kept aside and eventually discarded or gifted forward. The best way to avoid duplication of gifts is to create a baby shower gift registry and include in it all the products that you would love to have when your little one arrives. This makes it easier for friends and family to know what the expectant parents want or require.

Baby shower gifts are not only about the coming baby. You can decide to get a practical gift for the parents too.There are very many gifts that one can give. The best gifts are ones that are practical, but there’s no harm being whimsical!

Best Baby Shower Gifts

Milestone books for the baby

A great gift that all parents love. Perfect to record all the littles one’s development – from saving the little ones first curl, to printing out tiny hands and feet.

Babies Clothes
This is always part of any mother’s wishlist for her baby shower gifts. These may include baby bodysuits, onesies, a cap, a cardigan, booties, a hooded jacket, and anything else you want to add to the list. Buy neutral colours because in India one is not made aware of the sex of the baby before birth.

Organic Hooded Towels
Pick exclusive organic cotton towels for it to be soft and comfortable for the new baby’s sensitive skin. There are many exciting prints and colours available in various stores. The most sought after ones are the ones that can be customized with catchy words.

Cuddly Stuffed Animals
One can never have too many stuffed toys. With the market flooded with them, the choice is yours to make. Pick ones that are organic as you don’t want the newborn to come into contact with allergic material. You can also buy those with relaxing sounds like a heartbeat, soft songs or sounds of the ocean that will make the baby sleep better.

Soft Glowing Nightlights
These are bedside lamps for the baby’s room. In the initial days or feeding a couple of times at night, one needs a little bit of light to see the baby’s sleeping position and to check if the baby is comfortable. Buy those with expressive features and likable shapes like kittens, bunnies, and so on that will later excite the baby when he or she is a little older.

Every baby loves and needs toys. They are always a part of many baby shower gift registries. But don’t pick up toys randomly just because you like how it looks. Do a little bit of research and pick ones that will aid the new one in terms of development as well. So, the baby not only has fun playing but is also building his or her fine motor skills and learning as well.

Feeding Essentials
An amazing fact with newborn babies is that they survive the first six months of their lives exclusively on breast milk. Due to this, feeding essentials are a high priority for expectant mothers. These products that really help make feeding time convenient and less stressful. Furthermore, the products that are most useful are feeding pillows, feeding covers, breast pumps and feeding bottles.

Cribs, Strollers and More
Amongst the other essentials are the must-have baby gear. From cribs and car seats to strollers and high chairs. Every parent must have these for safety and convenience. Additionally, pick ones that have a safety certification and are durable.

Baby Arrival Gift Set
This should include all the essentials the new parents will need as soon as they deliver the baby. These are diapers, baby wipes, baby shampoos, lotions, burp cloth, swaddling muslin, creams etc. Gift a little basket with all the essentials – this will perhaps be the most useful gift the new parents will ever get.

The wishlist of baby shower gifts can be endless. Therefore, choose one wisely – let it be fun and in addition to being practical as well.

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