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Christmas is all about the joy of giving. Christmas Eve brings excitement as we all wait for a cherished gift from a secret Santa or our near and dear ones. If you want to catch someone off guard with an unconventional gift, turn to our unique Christmas gifts curated list.

Pamper your spouse with the gift of a romantic evening

You can start the day with a surprise breakfast in bed that has an assortment of all their favourite dishes. You can either cook them up or order them before. This is a great way of starting Christmas day. For the afternoon, you can go for Christmas shopping or spend time together in the snow. For the evening, you can gather all their favourite movies and set up a cosy fire to watch the movies on the loop. This would be a perfect romantic ideal gift for them. It would cost only your time and a little money. Ask your spouse to make a wishlist of events and make it come true.

Create Christmas gifts with your own hands

When the gifts are hand-made, people tend to love it even more. You can inject some humour in the cookies that you bake and write quotes on them. The one of a kind cookies or knitted sweater makes up for a thoughtful gesture and the recipient of the gift loves it for the personal touch.

Unique gadgets

You can gift them some unique gadgets like a sunrise simulator alarm clock which can wake them up naturally. For the people who love aromatherapy scents, aromatherapy diffuser is the best way to go. For the people who love to read books, you can easily gift them a Kindle Paperwhite e-reader which is light, portable and has a lot of books. Perfume sets, skin care products, makeup are ideal gifts for girls.

Good Earth has some interestingly designed diffusers and beautiful aromatherapy scents. 

Customize your gift

When you add the touch of one-of-a-kind unique personalised gift, the recipient is meant to love it. For example, you can give a personalised phone cover or diaries that will be both useful as well as touching. Messy Corner has an array of gifts you can personalise.

Meanwhile, you can also browse through Love to Have’s curated list of personalised gifts and pick one that is ideal for the recipient.

Give an endless monthly gift

You can always opt for giving a monthly gift. For example, you can order a wine bottle, flowers or fruits (any item) and pay it in advance for a particular date of every month. Every month when the gift arrives, the recipient will be reminded of the fact that you care.

Finally, no matter what you choose, give it a personal touch. Meanwhile, never run of ideas but checking out other gifts and experiences in our Christmas gifts curated list.

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