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Weddings are celebration of two Souls joining forever. However when it comes to wedding festivities one (Obviously the Groom) is left behind. Whether it is about finalizing the wedding registry or the gifts that the happy couple receive. But finding gift for couple is very tricky. The reason being, you need to find a gift that both of them like. Hence after an exhaustive brain storming session we have come up with some amazing couple gifts for wedding.

  1. A Spa Getaway

We all know the frenzy that surrounds any wedding. So, what could be a better gift than something to relieve the stress of the happy but tired couple. Book them a spa date and gift a full day of relaxation, pampering and the great company.

  1. Personalised and Matching Jewellery

Women love their baubles, and the Men love their women. So, gift a nice pair of matching jewellery of like gold rings or fancy bracelet or chains. You can also have their names carved on the jewellery.

  1. Wine box

Ensure the couple’s cozy nights are made more perfect with fine quality wine selection. Choose a pack of red, white or mix depending upon the couple’s liking. You can also add a wine cabinet and wine glasses to the mix.

  1. Indoor/ Outdoor Plants

We all need little bit of nature to get us through the hustle bustle of a tiring day. The indoor plants will refresh the air and add positive energy to the environment. So gift your favourite couple something eco-friendly that will look good with the décor.

  1. Sponsored Holiday

Do you know the couple’s dream destination? Well it time to make their wish come true. Sponsor an all paid holiday to the newlyweds and gift them a chance to make lifetime of memories. This also an amazing option for social group gifting.

  1. Those amazing Mr and Mrs stuff

The gift shops are full of awesome couple gifts with Mr and Mrs written over it. And frankly how cute are they. So gift one of those Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right cushion covers, mugs or T-shirts.

Though Couple Gifts for Wedding can be tricky, getting it right it can make a world of a difference! So, go ahead give it a shot – make gifting a pleasure.

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Ahhh.. Thank you for sharing these ideas and for the suggestions. i’d gifted a personalized gift to my loves one last year so on this year i want to gift something different. And the ideas you have shared ,are really helpful to me.