Eco-Friendly gifts that will make the receiver and Mother Earth happy


22nd April is Earth Day. It is celebrated worldwide with passion. Various eco-friendly activities take place in schools, on streets, in college premises and offices, and at homes. Picture this- you think of your Mother Earth in everything that you do. Running tap while brushing- NO. Carrying poly bags for shopping- NO. Leaving lights on when not needed- NO. This thought and practice is what you owe to your Mother Earth. So why not opt for some very cool, eco-friendly gifts this year?


What is a seed pencil? It stands true to its name. A pencil made up of recycled paper with a hybrid, high quality certified fast growing seed at one end for germination. The seed is secure inside a capsule at one end of the pencil. The day your pencil reduces in size, not apt for writing anymore, is the day you plant a seed. Simply push the capsule into the soil let the pencil stay there, water it and place under the sunlight. Voila! You have just now made your Mother Earth happy. This pencil has a very dark lead, what else do you want? Further, if you’re into the habit of licking pencils then by all means, please do so because this pencil is extraordinary, as it is made by using edible color and is biodegradable

Additionally, read the instructions on it for the complete procedure of planting the seed. This is a one of the coolest eco-friendly gifts that you must give someone who loves to draw or has a thing for stationery and loves gardening.


These coasters are exclusively handmade with premium recycled paper and handcrafted with drawings that speak of ways in which we can go green and save our Mother Earth. You can customize it as well with freehand drawings and messages of your choice. The thick cardboard beneath the paper is what provides these coasters with longevity and sturdiness. A very creative and absolutely eco-friendly product that makes for a great gift.


”Water water everywhere, not a drop to drink! ” Save water by taking small steps. This self-watering plant pot is the one you need to gift others to instill in them the sense of responsibility towards Mother Earth. This pot recollects extra water at the bottom and resuses it through a natural process known as capillary action. Made up of virgin plastic these self-watering pots come in various colors and are suitable for planting kitchen herbs. Go green with this lovely and thoughtful eco-friendly gift.

So, celebrate this Earth Day with eco-friendly gifts and promise to be extra nice to Mother Earth for your sake, at least.

Image : Pexels

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