Engagement Parties and the dilemma of to gift or not to gift or what to gift!!!

Engagement Gifts Ideas on Love to Have Gift Registry

Did your best friend just got engaged? Yay, it’s time for celebrations and the first up, on the celebratory list is the engagement party. Now if it is your BFF, you will know what engagement gifts to give. But the problem arises when you don’t know the couple that well. The thing with the gifts is that they are never obligatory. In fact, even the couples do not expect you to make a major purchase for this event. But you can always opt for something small and meaningful.  And hence we bring to you a wishlist for engagement gifts which are not too overboard, but still, have sentimental value.

They are getting engaged and will have plenty of photos to fill the frame. Buy a decorative frame or make one if you are artistic enough. In fact, there are many DIY frames making kits available in the market. You can have the fun of making a frame and the couple will appreciate the personal touch. Here’s one from Engrave – DIY TV Photo Frame – it’s is novel, retro and cool.

It is rightly said that books are humans’ best friend. Even if the couple is not too much into reading, you can gift one and encourage them to read more. You can opt for anything from a love story, a poetry collection or even a wedding planning guide.

Everyone and I repeat everyone likes them. So, why not gift a box of sweet manna called chocolate. Celebrate togetherness with the sweetest of engagement gifts.

Keeping track of things as wedding planning begins very trying for most couples. So, gift a planner which contains everything from a checklist to budget worksheets. And help them plan the wedding smoothly and lower the normal chaos.

They are getting together forever. And it is the unwritten rule of courtship that, the to be groom has to gift flowers at regular intervals. So, gift a carrier for those beautiful flowers that beaux will bring to woo his girl. Pick Personalised Songbird Vase from Uncommon Good – it’s cute and will go with any home decor.

I am not talking about the bouquets, they are a total waste and frankly too mainstream. Buy a potted plant that the couple can replant in their garden or in the indoor pot. It is a very symbolic gift that they will nurture together just like their relationship. My Bageecha has a wonderful collection of Adeniums that you can pick from – these are easy to maintain and have a beautiful bloom.

  • Ring Holder

Now this one is really obvious, and still, no one thinks of it. Gift the couple a place to store their new bling. This way they will not misplace the rings while taking them off for a shower or cooking. Amazon has cute and classy Ring Holders by Umbra.

Do you know how many thank you cards will the couple send out by the time they get married? Well, the answer is so many that even if multiple guests will buy the same gift they will still have to buy some more. So, gift a personalized stationery with their names. Pick an elegant one from Paper Design Co. and customise it.

Well, we stop here, with very even 8 engagement gift ideas. And if you manage to attend 8 engagement parties and run out of ideas for the gift, write to us we will come up with some more gifting ideas just for you.

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