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In India, we have never ending line-up of festivals, and it is our love for celebrating every festival with gusto extraordinaire that has earned us the tag – ‘land of festivals’.  From Diwali to Christmas, Holi to Eid – our festival celebrations are pompous, loud and full of colour, splendour and gaiety. And one common thread amidst all festivals is sharing of gifts as a token of love and appreciation. There’s nothing we love more than finding the perfect gift for our loved ones. Making a list of people in your life and the present to give them is a daunting task.  But it can be achieved by keeping in mind the holy quadrant of festival gifting rules.

The foremost rule of gifting is – do not overspend your budget. Don’t feel pressurized to buy expensive gifts. Gifts are a symbol of love and gratitude and not about the amount of money you have. There are ranges of affordable and awesome gifts available and you are bound to find something to please everyone’s festival wishlist or festival gift registry.

You may not always know what to gift, be on the lookout for gift ideas by scrolling through in your loved one’s wishlist. Gift them what they like, and if they don’t have a wishlist you can simply ask them. Especially when you are buying a gift for children, the best thing is to simply ask them what they want for the occasion. Kids are vocal about their likings and it won’t be difficult to know what they want.

Spend time too and not just money.  Your festival gift shopping is not going to be completed in a day after all your gift list consists of everyone from your mother in law to that sweet smiling milkman. If you don’t plan ahead and allot time for festive shopping, you will end up buying some meaningless, rushed and over pricey gift.

Festivals have an aura of all-around cheer about them, and you can spread that cheer by making the gift fun. Try to find a quirky gift that is bound to cheer up the recipient. Another way to make it happen is by gifting something handmade. Most people are pleased by the efforts and thought that goes into making the handmade gift.

This festival season bring a smile on many faces of your near and dear ones by keeping things simple and getting friends and family gifts they love. You can also explore the curated boards on Love to Have and add them to your Festival Gift Registry.

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