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Gender Neutral Kid Gifts on Love to Have Gift Registry India

Pink is for girls and blue is for boys! Really? We may not realize this now, but we often let our gender stereotypes influence the choices we make. Who is to say a girl couldn’t like Superman or a boy would shy away from owning a baking set? Even big companies like Disney are dropping the gender-specific signs so that the children have a vast array of products and they can try whatever their heart wants. Fortunately, more consumers today are choosing to spend their money on gender neutral kid gifts that would appeal as much to boys as they would to girls.

Here are our top gender neutral kid gifts:

Living Room Lanes Bowling Set:

Indoor bowling is an exciting past time for young kids. The mini ball has an easy grasp and provides the kids with an ultimate experience. This is a great gifting idea if the kid you are gifting it to has siblings to play with. The more, the merrier.

Easy Score Basketball Set:

This, again, is a perfect gender neutral kid gift that will not only develop co-ordination and motor skills of kids but also develop an interest in sports in them. Even the parents can play with the kids and teach them a trick or two. Ready to shoot some hoops?

Skate Board:

Skateboards are a thrilling gift choice. Let the kids fly high with it. Riding on the board will help them to find their balance and they can explore the neighborhood on their new ride and may even make new friends while enjoying their ride.

Harry Potter Lego Game:

Children who don’t love Harry Potter and his magical world of wizards simply don’t exist. Gift them this mind-blowing adventure-packed Lego game that takes them into the world of Harry Potter where they get to learn new spells and charms.

My First Camera:

Children see the world in a different light. They see the extra-ordinary in the mundane activities of life that leave us surprised. Allow them to capture the beauty their eyes witness and transfer the memories into beautiful pictures with this gender neutral kid gift that they can always cherish.

We hope you liked our gender neutral kid gifts ideas. Every child is special with their likes and dislikes and the idea here is to have some fool-proof picks ready that will surely work with everyone and make them happy. For more gifting ideas browse through Love to Have’s curated gift lists and pick one that you will love!

Image :- Markus Spiske

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