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Keeping all your eggs in one basket might not be wise, but putting an assortment of gifts in a basket is simply brilliant. Gift baskets are amazing and fits any occasion kind of gifts. In fact One can use them when just going to visit an old friend, or as a hostess gift or can also be sent when one cannot attend the function in person. So, let us take a look at the most popular gift baskets that everyone will love to have.

Gourmet Wellness Baskets

Gourmet has become the word of the year. But this is one fad that is actually good and should stay. The gourmet gift baskets generally have a mix of healthy food items like honey, dry fruits, wheat grass powder, fruits, whole grain cookies, teas and much more. You can also add a book on spiritual well-being or yoga to complete your gourmet gift basket.

Homemade DIY baskets

A creative do it yourself basket can beat any of those hurriedly bought gifts. The most meaningful items are those that come from heart. And when you prepare a gift basket it shows that you make the other person feel special. You can add anything from a DVD of favorite old songs, t-shirt, books, coffee or tea mugs or even muffins and homemade jams.

Sweets Baskets

Sweets baskets are a child’s delight and mother’s nightmare. However they are extremely popular and very safe option, if you are not very familiar about the recipient. These baskets have chocolates, cookies, cakes, brownies and also some local sweets. Just keep in mind when you are preparing the sweets gift basket try to add items that have longer shelf life. This way your gift shall not spoil before the receiver even comes around to open it.

Savory Baskets

Not everyone has a sweet tooth. So this is the gift for those who like bit of extra spice in their meals. These baskets usually have off the shelf items like nachos, cheese and chips. You can also add a box of spices to it.

Cosmetics Baskets

These baskets are very popular with women. In fact it is a go to return gift whenever at many kitty parties. Here you can add make up kit, nail polish, lipstick, face mask, moisturizer or spa vouchers. Try to mix up the gifts in the basket, so that everyone will find something that they will love to use.

Fragrance Baskets

A basket of essential and aromatic oils mixed with perfumes and gel bathing bars is the ultimate idea for the gift baskets. A good fragrance can lift your mood and help you relax. Also try adding some incense sticks to the gift basket.

As the saying goes, ‘More the merrier’ – gift baskets are the ideal gifts to show your appreciation of someone and tell that you are grateful to have them in your life. Check out Love to Haves carefully curated Gift Basket board and explore exciting gifting options.

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