Wedding Gifts – after all, it is my best friend’s wedding…

Gift for friend marriage

Do you know more than 10 million weddings take place in India every year? Which means, there cannot be a single year of your life when you are not attending a wedding. Which in turn means you will find yourself googling “ Gift for friend marriage ” every time you are attending a wedding. So, to you save you the trouble and time we have made a list of easy to shop wedding gifts.

Gift for friend marriage:

Recipe book:

Managing a marriage can be tiring. So, for the days when the couple, come home tired, a recipe book with easy to make 10-minute meals can be a real winner. Believe me, your gift can be a marriage saver.

Coffee Maker:

It is a perfect gift for coffee lovers and can easily make the couple’s mornings. The couple will remember you every time they take a sip of the perfectly brewed coffee from the automatic brewer.

House Cleaning Appliances:

Marriage might be called the union of two souls, but in reality, it’s more of a division of who does what chores. So, why not make your friend’s life bit more relaxed. Gift a washing machine, dishwasher or a vacuum cleaner to make cleaning chores less tiring.

Fine China:

No wedding is complete without fine china. Gift an elegant set of fine china and make it personalized by engraving the bride and grooms initials on it.


As wise men say – health is wealth. Give something that motivates the couple towards healthy living. It could be anything like a Fitbit, Jogging shoes (only if you know the shoe size), gym membership or even an assortment of herbal teas.

Cleaning Services:

We live in a time, where finding a house cleaner is more difficult than finding a perfect date. In fact, this is a very practical gift that every couple will find useful. You can easily book these services over the many online portals available now.


Is your friend kind of lazy? Like to sleep in? Well, this is a perfect gift to get them out of bed and into nature. Another plus, it will keep them healthy and reduce pollution.

Music System:

Music really makes life more beautiful. A good music system along with a collection of classic music tracks is the perfect gift for music lovers.

We hope our list of quick and easy to find gift for friend marriage is useful the next time you are attending a wedding. If you want more ideas browse through Love to Have’s list: Gift for friend marriage and get one that will be loved!

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