Techy and Geeky Wedding Gifts for the New Age Couple

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Thinking about a unique gift for wedding? Yeah! We know it’s quite baffling. With a lot of traditional and quirky ceremonies, wedding season in India never comes to an end. But, let us put your confusion to an end. We have come up with some useful and techy gifting ideas for the tech savvy couple. This year, why not go for gadgets rather than those typical traditional gifts! With some new tech releasing each day, you’ll find tons of cool gadgets to give as a gift for wedding. So, give a thought on gifting some hottest and crazy new tech products.


Let the gift for wedding to the couple this year be a peace of mind with an all-in-one security system. They come with an easy set-up. You just need to download the app to your mobile device after setting up the subtle HD video camera. And, you will start receiving the instant notifications. Whether the cat got in or there are intruders outdoor you will always know what is happening.


How about adding a certainty by gifting a home intelligence system to newlyweds! This latest technology uses a small, clever, multi-function sensor to detect numerous significant things in your home. Be it a water leak, temperature & sound or opening and closing of door or cabinet and much more. Also, this gift has many potential uses.


Aroma diffuser can be a great gift for wedding to a newlywed couple. Advanced technology is used, that fully releases the essential oil particles and prevent the foreign odours from surroundings. Aroma diffuser lets the body absorb all the active ingredients of essential oils. Also, this will rejuvenate couple’s home in style and will seamlessly blend into their home décor. With the better air quality and calming, fragrance aroma diffuser will also add on couple’s romance.


For the couch potato couple or Netflix lovers, home theatre system can be a thoughtful gift for wedding. Just make sure that the recipient has big living space. Hefty sounds from the different channels of the home entertainment system will give the couple a multiplex experience at home.


A Portable espresso maker is a travel-friendly and can be a top gift pic for on-the-go java couple. Gift the coffee lover couple a good quality portable espresso maker that delivers a flawless espresso every time. Especially, when you know that they are done trying to make their own espresso with some crappy espresso maker.


Gone are the days of the selfie. After all, there is only so much that you can record with a selfie stick. Gift an auto-follow drone to the couple who love to record their adventures! Moreover, not everyone actually is interested in learning to fly their own camera drones. So, the auto-follow drone is the perfect quadcopter for the couple who are into capturing drone photography.


Portable wireless speakers will prove to be a shrewd gift investment for the upcoming party at couple’s house. The couple who loves to party would definitely welcome this gift with open arms. Make sure, the speaker’s brand you choose has a stunningly detailed sound quality and minimalist design. Also, go for the speakers that give Zeppelin experience and are fully compatible with Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay, and Spotify Connect.


If you are not able to decide what gadget to give or confused till the last moment, then go for a high-end smartphone. Just a few minutes of scrolling your computer screen, check the phone specifications and here you go. Be it everyone’s favourite iPhone or google pixel with the best smartphone camera or pricey Porsche design blackberry, a couple will surely embrace this gift with love.

Try out some of these gifts, because even if the couple are not tech aficionados, they will love having them. Also, if you feel that the price tag on some of the gifts is a bit on higher side, just convert it into a group gifting and give something useful and exciting.

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