Gift Registry Benefits

Gift Registry Benefits

Imagine that you get to select your own wedding gifts. Imagine that you could decide when to receive those gifts. And imagine being able to do all of this at the comfort of your couch! Want to know HOW? It’s simple. Register yourselves (your fiancé and you) with an online gift registry site like and enjoy the many gift registry benefits!

But before that,


Gift Registry basically means a list of gift items preferred and curated by the recipients of the gift, for a particular occasion or event, which is then passed on to their guests. The best thing about online gift registry is that double ups can be prevented. This is what makes it so popular among the couples!

The next question that pops up your head probably is, why online gift registry? How is it beneficial for you, besides the ‘at the comfort of the couch’?


Speaking simply, it is more practical for you. Yes, you can take all your time before making a list of your choice. You can take all your time in researching about the products. You can make adjustments, either by adding or removing items from your list. And all of this while you’re snuggling in your bed, sipping coffee with your best friend. Simply clicking and getting things done. What more! You don’t even need to rush in and out of those department stores. ALSO, Your fiancé actually enjoys this whole process, maybe even making popcorns for your smartness of coming up with this idea!

Secondly, it gets easier for your Guests. They don’t need to worry if the store you are registered with, isn’t nearby their area. Or, dash out on their lunch break to get your gift. They can simply do it from their laptops and computers. The only requirement is an internet connection and this way even your overseas friends can purchase gifts from your registry and deliver it to your doorstep. Tadah!!

The choices are endless, you can register with more than one retailer, you don’t have to limit yourself to the products of just one store. You can accomplish all of this online without worrying about the location of the store. You can even register with a specialist retailer. For instance you are good at photography and want items related to it, which you wouldn’t get easily from any general department store; so in that case, you can add specialist retailers for photography related items.

Your guests can group purchase upscale products for you. You can manage your gift budget without making any of your guests feel uncomfortable. Selecting items from your gift registry means that you can choose products that range in price points. Love to Have also allowed cash funds or group contributions. So it is light on everyone’s pockets.

The gift registry benefits out weigh the traditional methods. Also, it you with peace of mind that the products you’re adding to your list are of good quality and you can even opt to receive cash from your guests instead of a physical gift. So now that you’re a know-it-all, go register for your Big Day in a Big Way! Create your Wedding Registry on Love to Have!

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