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Anniversaries make the best celebrations, but getting the perfect gift for your partner can be tricky. Hence we have tried to make a roadmap of gifts for anniversary by numbers. Because each year signifies something special, we have come up with unique gifts for anniversary to celebrate your journey.

Fantastic first:
Completing the first year of togetherness with your partner is perhaps even sweetest of all anniversaries. You have just spent an entire year learning new things about each other, so what could be a better gift idea than a memoir of your first year together. Make a scrapbook of your personal moment and tell your partner how they made your life better.

Terrific Two:
If sweet is the flavour of the first year, the second year is the most exciting. If you are looking for gifts for anniversary and it is your second one, go for a second honeymoon. Plan a short trip to your favourite location and relive all your special moments.

Tender Three:
Time really flies, it’s been three years and it has gone in a blink of an eye. So, why not relax and pamper your partner. Book a spa date at some ridiculously expensive resort and indulge in a full day of luxury.

Fabulous Four:
By the time the fourth year ends your relationship has truly blossomed into a beautiful flower. Signify this milestone with flowers. Also, it could be a simple bouquet of flowers or a single rose or you can gift a piece of jewellery engraved with a flower.

Fancy Five:
You have been together for half a decade!!! This calls for something fancy. So start thinking about what your partner has been thinking of buying but putting for one reason or another. Does he like some really expensive watch or was she talking about that latest Louis Vuitton bag? Think and gift.

Soulful Six:
The pressure of constantly trying to enliven your relationship has gone and now you understand each other on a spiritual level. Hence, the best gift would be to go to some yoga retreat and recharge your energies. Spend some time together hidden away from all worries of the world.

Sassy Seven:
Personally, seven is my favourite number. And it is time sass up your life. Plan a romantic date and gift the bottle of your partner’s cherished drink. What’s more, you can share the gift and loosen up spend some quality time together.

Eager Eight:
Eight is the testy one. Be really careful about what you are gifting your partner for the eighth anniversary. Hence we advise that the tech is the best choice here. So, why not gift the latest iPhone or the laptop.

Nascent Nine:
No doubt that you have been together for nine wonderful years, but it is just now that a relationship begins to display its full potential. The best choice here would be a beautifully crafted swing or love seat where both of you can sit, talk, sip coffee and enjoy being together.

Triumphy Ten:
Together for ten amazing years. For the tenth anniversary, you just have to redo your vows. So, gift each other a bond of love and signify your journey with platinum bands.

Marriage is a beautiful journey and anniversaries are the milestones that commemorate it. So, make each year special by giving the love of your life unique gifts.

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