5 Unique Gifts for Travel Lovers

Travel Gifts

Every time your wanderlust friend flies over to some foreign land, you’re the one who gets all excited. Why? Because she of all the exciting goodies she brings from around the world! You didn’t even have to travel so far for them. But if she goes places, it means she is a globetrotter and if travelling were free you would probably never see her again. So why not gift her with things which will be useful to her throughout her journey. How about a gesture of love through these gifts, that you wish them Bon Voyage. Pick out your favourites from this list of gifts for travel lovers.

Bucket list

This adorably cute Bucket list scrapbook comes along with an even cuter multicoloured pen, a marker and masking tapes. A very cool gift for travel lovers. Let your wanderlust friend exhibit her creativity on this and you get to flip through her cherished memories and maybe even join her on her next trip! This one is bound to make her happy. What a wonderful gift for travel lovers.

Travel scratch map

This Travel scratch map is every globetrotter’s dream possession. Your wanderlust friend might have been planning on getting this for herself, so why not surprise her with it?! One scratch at a time and fluorescent-coloured countries show up, with little facts about each country making it an interesting gift for travel lovers.

Travel essential bag

A life saviour for any travel lover. A canvas bag perfect for overnights stays or short trips. All the travel items packed up carefully in its many pockets. This casual yet sophisticated travel bag is very handy, especially with its waterproof lining to hold your swimming costume, shoes or laundry. With this bag, you’re never going to miss on your travel essentials.

Doodle travel pillow and eye mask

Such an adorable eye mask and what a cozy pillow around your neck! Where did you get these from?” And then your wanderlust friend would peep from under her eye mask and proudly say that it’s been a gift from her very thoughtful friend.

Travel journal

A great gift for someone who jots down every adventure that he has ever had in a foreign land, someone who scribbles down memories related to his travels and journeys. This leather journal is a handsome gift for any globetrotter.

Love these gifts for travel lovers?

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