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Gifts for Women

Deciding on perfect gifts for women is as tricky as understanding them. Gifts for Women doesn’t come in a manual form suggesting a perfect gift for all women. Some women like jewellery or perfumes while some prefer tech gadgets or books of their favourite author. To help you narrow down your search we have created a chic wishlist of gift ideas for women to cater to even choosiest of them.

An emergency gadget:
This could be a Swiss army knife or a self-defence kit. They can be used for emergencies that come up on road or for small jobs around the house or even for popping a soda bottle. In our present atmosphere, the most thoughtful gift that you can give is a self-defence kit that includes a stun gun, pepper spray or even vouchers for self-defense classes. Make sure that your loved one is always protected.

A Romance Novel Collection:
No matter what she says, every woman at heart is a sucker for romance. They totally adore reading about those impossibly tall, dark and handsome men. This is a perfect gift for women,  something that she will definitely enjoy when lolling around on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Her Favourite Fragrance:
Gifting a perfume might seem like a safe option but one should tread very carefully here. Perfume should be gifted only after knowing their preferences or you might end up gifting a strawberry flavoured perfume to a woman allergic to it.

Classic Movie Set:
Watching an old movie with a cup of coffee is the best way to forget the week long work stress. Gift your female friend a set of best classic movies and see her squeal with joy and delight.

A fancy tote or sling
Women like to carry their clutter wherever they go. A fancy tote or sling is perfect for a fashion conscious woman who likes to coordinate her outfits with their handbags.

Classy Heels
If you know her intimately enough to know her shoe size this is probably the most ideal gift choice. For all the women who believe in keeping their heels grounded and their heads held high.

The assorted gift set:
This kind of gifts usually contains numerous small items all bundled together with love. They can include body lotions, body splashes, shower gels, lip gloss and perhaps a manicure kit. This is a go-to gift for women that you have literally no idea what to buy. No matter who she is, she will most likely use it.

A girl can never have enough accessories. Jewellery is always going to be on her wishlist. So, according to her personality, you can gift anything from a neck piece to hand bracelet. Make sure you know her preferences – some like gold, while others swear by antique silver jewellery.

Kitchen appliances:
This one is for your mum, granny or any female friends who are cooking buffs. Gift her cool knife set, exciting bakeware or any of the latest kitchen appliances.

These are just a few ideas for gifts for women. Go ahead, use these tips – get creative and gift her the perfect gift!

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