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Housewarming Gift Registry Ideas on Love to Have

At last, after saving and scrapping for years you managed to buy one of those swanky digs that you have always dreamed of. Now the only thing left to make your happiness complete is to throw an equally swanky housewarming party. But before you invite your family and friends to celebrate your newly bought happiness you need to seriously consider creating a housewarming gift registry.

The pro of signing up for a housewarming gift registry for any occasion is that your guests do not spend money on items that you don’t particularly want or need. The only con of having a housewarming gift registry is that some might consider it rude. But to be frank it is way more preferable than having your guests play guessing game of what items will not clash with your interiors. In fact, housewarming gift registries are fastest growing non-traditional event gift registry and are generally lauded both by the hosts and the guests. However, this not being a standard gift registry, do not include it in your invitation and the registry information should be given only to those who ask.

Creating a housewarming gift registry

Creating a housewarming gift registry is tricky because you are not going to be the only person residing in your happy abode. After all, it is the seamless merging of different personality traits that turns a house into a home. I have usually heard husbands joking (read: they are too scared to complain directly) that they do not have much say in deciding house interiors or in deciding the registry. Of course, they can always have their own gift registry but having multiple gift registries for the same party confuses guests.

At Love to Have we have found an easy way to help you prepare your housewarming gift registry.  One of the hosts needs to create a housewarming wishlist and then add your partner as a collaborator. Each of the partners can then add their own choices of gifts they would like to receive to the wishlist. Hence you have one common gift registry without having long sessions of asking your partner his/her preferences. This way your home can be what it should be  – a bit of both of personalities.

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