Ideas for Best Birthday Gifts for Men

How to Give the Best Birthday Gifts for Men

Without mincing words I will come straight to point – Men are exasperating creatures. They are completely clueless not only when trying to gift something to the women in their life, but also when you ask them what they would like to have for a gift. Just last month a friend of mine who was celebrating his 25th sent me his gift registry details along with the invitation. Needless to say, I did get to know his birthday wishes which was interesting, to say the least, but dude no one is going to fund your Ibiza dreams! To make things easier we have come up with a list of birthday gifts for men that you can pick and choose from.

A FitBit
A fitness tracker is a great gift for a health enthusiast or a couch potato. There are many budget-friendly fitness trackers available online and will help keep your loved ones fit.

Monogrammed Travel Set
This one is for those bitten by wanderlust bug. Even if they already have all travel gear, an extra set is always useful to the frequent travellers. Also, this is probably one of the best birthday gifts for men in the market today.

Gardner Toolkit
Gardening helps relieve stress, so gift a stress buster to the men you love. A multi-utility gardener’s toolkit is ideal for the blokes who can’t stay out of the garden, an occasional gardener or even the one who does not know ABC of the gardening. Also, there’s nothing more thoughtful that gifting a plant with the set.

A basket filled with chocolate goodies
Men are always going to be boys, and believe me they equally appreciate sweet goodies if not more than women. Gift a basket filled with their favourite sweets and you will see the kid surface again.

Cufflinks and Tie set
A matching pair of cufflinks and tie set is one gift that will never go out of fashion. Try to get those cufflinks with a personal engraving and it will most likely become their most treasured set.

Mini Grill
Men and their toys!!! A gift idea for all the masculine men who might not have seen inside of kitchen in their life but love to show off at a party or like their meat grilled.

Anything Super Hero
Most men no matter the age love sci-fi and superheroes. Gift them anything from a phone cover to a T- shirt in their favourite superhero theme.

Coffee Maker
A standard quality coffee maker is an ideal gift for the caffeine addicts you know. They will most likely remember and be thankful to you every time they drink their first cuppa.

Portable Speakers
The best thing about a portable speaker is that don’t struggle when carrying them around. Choose a speaker which is compact, lightweight and also has the latest technology.

Personalized Sport Gear
All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. And frankly, every man appreciates sports even if it is just shouting commentary from the couch. Also, gifting a personalized sports gear will motivate the men we love to go outdoor more.

Use the above list of birthday gifts for men as inspiration and gift him something that he will love and treasure.

Image Source: Pexels

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