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The occasion of your friend’s wedding can be a joyous affair. But when it is your friend getting married to your friend the joy just doubles. After all here you can claim to know all the juicy details plus can totally take some credit for making the happy couple fall in love. However, with greater joys comes greater responsibilities. What to gift is a question that plagues us even when it is just one friend marrying but with two, you really need to think it through. Should you just get a gift for the bride or groom or both? Hence, to help you out we have come up with unique marriage gifts for couple that shall make both the bride and the groom happy.

Sponsor an event

The number of functions that marriages have is increasing with each marriage season. So, why not sponsor one for your friends. This gift does not need to be a one-person task. And what’s more, you know all the common friends of the couple, so take the initiative create a social gifting fund and gift your friends an event to remember for their lifetime. This is one of those marriage gifts for couple that they will never forget.


The couple these days are very practical and they will any day prefer something useful over the ornamental gifts. In this category you have lots of options to choose from. Anything from kitchen appliances, GPS system, security systems or any other gadgets to make their home more comfortable, secure and efficient shall be loved by both. With this gift  you are actually gifting your friends an easier lifestyle.

Kitchen wares

The couple gotta eat right!! They are definitely going to use this gift. Even when someone is not a master chef they are bound to eat few days a week at home. So help them build their dream kitchen and gift a latest cooking gadgets. This category actually has infinite options to choose from. So, to help you narrow it down we suggest gift gourmet appliances like vegetable steamers, rice cookers, panini makers or some beautiful cutlery set.


Now how can one gift that? If you believe that your friends have everything, this is the best gift to give. Do you know there is an non-profit organization that plants one tree at  a nominal value of Rs. 10 and pledges to nurture the tree? Not only that the couple would be the legal owners of the trees. There are many such unique ways in which you can make your friends happy by helping someone less fortunate.

Honeymoon gifts

As a friend it is your duty to gift the couple something for their honeymoon. Gift anything from a romantic sunset dinner or a couple’s massage or sponsor some part of their honeymoon trip. Another good example of honeymoon gift is luggage bags, they will surely need it when travelling.

Well, folks with this we complete our list of marriage gifts for couple. For more, look through Love to Have’s curated lists and be the friend indeed.

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