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When the occasion is your best friend’s wedding, a run-of-the-mill idea should be your last option. Before you begin the gift hunting process, shortlist a few categories. If your friends have wedding registries, browse through them and see if anything fits your bill. If you know other friends who intend to turn up, consider pooling in resources for a bigger and better gift. Here are some ideas for marriage gifts for friends:

Cook it Up

Even though these sound boring, these makeup for the best marriage gifts for friends. Setting up a new house isn’t easy and the couple might need a lot of appliances to make their lives comfortable. As a guest, you can gift them an unusual, unique, and useful kitchen appliance that they would appreciate. For example, if your friend is a coffee lover, you can gift him/her an Espresso Coffee Maker. But, home appliances are also one go the categories where most gifts are duplicated. So, if your friend has a wishlist or wedding registry check-in to see what they want and also strike out the gifts that others have already purchased for them.

Click & Cherish

Depending on your budget, you can gift them a digital appliance like i-pad, i-pod, camera, automated selfie sticks, DSLR etc. This makes up for a perfect gifting option for your tech-savvy friend. The photo-essential accessories will be used frequently as they capture their special moments.


All friends can come together to put their bit and create a huge cash fund for an expensive gift which could be otherwise out of reach. Send your friend to a Greece Honeymoon or select a Five Star experience for the First Night. A helicopter ride or a cruise is also a good experience they will cherish all their lives. Use Love to Have’s Group Gifting option to facilitate this in a simple and efficient manner.

Set the Mood

Not only do mind lamps set the mood for a romantic night, they look enchanting too. Create a gift basket with everything they would need to get cozy – aroma sticks, light scents, candles, movies collection, and instrumental music. Let the newly weds wade in the warmth and feel wow.

Little bit of you

Marriage will mark the beginning of a new relationship but your friendship is special. You can create an album of your special moments or a large canvas of pictures. Gift a wall-size artwork of your memories. Be remembered forever. No other marriage gifts for friends will be as precious as a personalised one. 

Nobody knows the likes and dislikes of the bride/groom like you do, as a friend. Depending on whether you friend is a travel freak, a gaming enthusiast or a cooking pro, choose an appropriate gift. Browse Love To Have’s list of exciting Marriage Gifts and pick one that is bound to awe!

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