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Marriage gifts giving Ideas by Love to Have Blog

With changing times, there is no longer a need to abide by the same age old traditions and the rules. Marriage is an occasion where you can experiment and stand out from the crowd – not blend in. Marriage is perhaps the only time of your life when you can reflect your personality, in front of all your guests, by providing a personal touch to all your wedding stuff – from wedding invites and decors to the gift registry. There is no reason for following any set pattern while selecting any marriage gifts for your registry. You can simply select gifts that speak to you and incorporate that into your wishlist.

Here are some of the marriage gifts trends that you can consider for your upcoming nuptials:

Upgrading the old with the new:

You might have some appliances for your future house but are you sure that those are the ones you need? Often, houses have appliances but they become worn out with use and cannot perform as efficiently as the new ones. For example, your fiancée might have a microwave at his home but it might not be the one you are accustomed to. It could be anything- semi-automatic to completely automatic to even manual. Hence, for your comfort, it is always wise to add the appliances that you absolutely need, to your marriage gifts registry.

Don’t always go for the high-end brands:

A perfect mixture of high-end brands and normal low-key brands make up the best gift registry. Just because it is your wedding, you don’t always have to over-splurge on the items. Your registry doesn’t need to be constrained to the high-end labels only. The guests appreciate having a glimpse at your contemporary economic lifestyle and will appreciate the economic range in your marriage gifts registry. It makes it easy for them to pick one that suits their gifting range.

Solicit cash funds:

You can choose an exciting experience over products. And no matter how expensive your wish is, your guests can contribute their bit with Love to Have’s cash funds feature. Instead of adding products to your gift registry, you can simply add a honeymoon airfare, a couples spa, a relaxing holiday, a couples cooking class, etc to your wishlist and buy yourself a memorable experience. This is also a great way to bond with your partner by doing things you love together. Further more, wouldn’t you rather collect experiences over the clutter of products?

Upgrading your collection of art pieces:

You can add different paintings to your gift registry and build up an art gallery for your space. You can select pieces from various online portals and enable your guests to buy from amongst the assortment.

Artisera has some unique pieces that can spruce up your new abode. Bent Chair is a great place for quirky art pieces that can add life to any corner.

Your gift registry simply doesn’t have to be dull and boring. Have fun building your wedding gift registry by researching interesting gift ideas as you wait for your big day.

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