Perfect Office Gifts for Every Workaholic

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When it comes to office gifts you need to get something that will prove to be really useful for your office-going friend(s). Or make your son or daughter’s first day at office easy-going with these superbly amazing gifts.

Our Curated List of Office Gifts

Office stationery set
The first product that comes to your mind on thinking of office gifts is an office stationery set. This one is exclusively hand painted by an internationally acclaimed and awarded tribal Gond artist who heads from Madhya Pradesh. Further more, he has used only natural colors which is waterproof. What all does it comprise of? Well… 1 pen stand, 1 visiting card holder, 1 paper cutter, 1 coaster, 1 paperweight. As a matter of fact this is one of the coolest office gifts!

10 in 1 Office Combo Set
This Office Combo Set was probably humming to itself Lenka’s “I wanna be… everything at once” while being made. And God did its wish come true! This compact instrument has everything that your office-going friend might ever need at his/her office. A stapler, a staple pin remover, a carton opener, scissors, pencil sharpener, paper punch, key ring, storage basket, 1 meter retractable measuring tape and a bin. This truly is an awesome office gift.

Pine Docking station
This is an amazing Dock station, made using pine over plywood, making for a really lightweight eco-friendly product. It serves as not just a charging dock for smartphones and iPhones but also as a platter for all your everyday things, like watch, keys, pen, coins and many such things. Also, it has a pen/pencil holder, and hook for keys. Where could you find such a multi-talented dock?

Laptop Accessory
What better than a lightweight aluminum-made adjustable Laptop desk which elevates your laptop from 14 degrees to 26 degrees making it convenient for you to work on your laptop while sitting. Long hours of work in front of the laptop screen wasn’t this comfortable. Also, it is easy to carry around in your laptop bag as well.

Gold Parker Pen
The love affair with the Parker pen has been on since 1888 for a reason. Butter smooth writing flow, this dandy gold colored pen will steal the show at your friend’s office desk! In addition to the Fine Nickel steel tip nib and Copper steel clip, tarnish-free gold color make it a classy possession for any working person.

Aren’t all these office gifts the superlatives? Which one do you think your friend might be needing?

Image :- Jess Watters

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