Personalized Gift Ideas for Everyone

Personalized Gift Ideas


Personalized Gift Ideas are hard to come by. You will find the tackiest gifts available if you don’t look hard enough. Love to Have has especially created this list to make it easier for you to choose a gift that is thought full with a touch of class.

For the mother or father:

Custom Monogram Wax Seal Stamp

There’s an old world charm that will never fade and it is the art of writing letters. For mothers and fathers, this was a major part of their lives. Nothing like a Wax seal to sign off in a flair. Personalise this wax seal stamp and gift it to your mother or father. Let them feel at home as they write letters like they used to. Watch them smile as they send off letters to loved ones with their own seal of love.

Leather Traveller Folio

Parents are much more mobile and travel-friendly than before – with them retiring and having a little time and money for themselves. Gift them this leather travel folio so that they can keep all the essentials in one place whilst traveling. From phones to passports to watch and credit cards and much more can all fit in with ease. This one can be personalized adding that little special touch to your gift.

For the husband, wife or friends:

Macbook Sleeve

Husband, wife, friends are all working, working hard with little or no time. A leather MacBook sleeve, which can be personalized is a gift that will be treasured. Useful, long lasting and personal – you can’t go wrong. This one is Tan in color, made with Genuine Italian Hide, with a shade lining

Personalized Whiskey Glass

There is always going to be a party or a dinner and there will always be someone drinking whiskey. Whiskey glasses make for good gifts – they are timeless and useful gifts. There are many personalized glasses on the market. But, this one is the one to buy, as the design is aesthetic with a touch of class.

For the little ones:

Infographic Chart

Little ones can be hard to gift. They have all that they need and are always extra gifts from all the well-wishers. A personalized gift can go a long way and your gift will stand out in the clutter. This infographic chart requires a ton of information that is unique to the little one who this gift is for. If you can manage to get all this information and a couple of cute pictures then this gift will be nothing short of perfect.

Personalised Engraved Colour Pencils

Do you know kids who love to draw? the artistic ones? The ones who love to explore color? This color pencil set can be personalized with the little one’s name or initials. Further, watch the kids color with flair with this unique gift for kids. Gender neutral and fun gift this is one of the most sought-after Personalized Gift Ideas for children

Conclusively, Love to Have has a carefully curated list of Personalized Gift Ideas that you can browse through and pick.

Photo by Thomas William on Unsplash

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