Gift Registry Etiquette – Do’s & Don’ts of a Registry

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Gift registry might not top your priority lists with all of the intricate details that go into the planning of occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, weddings or baby shower. But, the moment your guests receive an invitation, be it for any big bang occasion or a small one, they will start looking for a gift registry to come up with perfect idea to get you the memorable gift.

But, before you start we would like to give a basic tutorial on etiquette for creating your dream wishlist.

So, go through our simple list of Do’s and Don’ts for creating a great gift registry & avoid the common mistakes.


  1. Set it up well in advance:

Register well in advance and share the customary details of your gift registry with guests after announcing the occasion, be it your birthday or your wedding. And trust me your loved ones will appreciate the suggestion from you on your gift preferences.

  1. Choosing a right gift registry:

Online gift registries make the gift-selecting affair easy breezy. Love to Have gift registry provides you with loads of flexible options to make your registering experience smooth and fun.

  1. Choose your gift items at varying price points:

Make the gift purchasing experience of your guests easy & clear by adding a good many options to your registry. Further, make sure that your wishlist has many price bands so that everyone can find something pocket-friendly. And lastly register for more gifts than the number of guests, to give them enough choosing options.

  1. Spread your wish:

Oh, come on!! Don’t shy away- Just spread the word. We are sure that your guests want to know what you want! They are anyway going to bring something. So, go and save them from wasting hours searching an appropriate gift.


  1. Don’t put your guests into shock by registering only high ticket items.

Of course, you have a few generous loved ones with a big heart. But also, make sure to consider the budget of other guests. Just because of your price tag your other guests shouldn’t feel down about their gift. So, be sure to add decent priced products as well.

  1. Stay away from getting trigger happy:

Don’t get too excited registering that you just go on adding & clicking on items that you don’t need. Keep it simple to avoid the odds of ending up with a gift you’ll never use. No matter how cute that things are, just stick to your priorities.

  1. Don’t ask for cash:

Is there any polite way to put ‘Cash Only’ on an invitation? Definitely No! Instead, you can try setting up an experience pool, or set -up a cash fund for your honeymoon or house down payment – this way your guests will know what they are a part of.

Well, this is about it!! Our little pointers will make sure that you never make a faux pas when it comes to registering for gifts.

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