Retirement Gifts – Because every ending offers new beginnings

Retirement Gifts

Retirement – the word is a paradox in itself. It is closing of one chapter and an opening of another. And one feels the euphoria of starting a new chapter of life and also the sadness of closing the old one. Which is why giving retirement gifts is so tough. You want to give something that is intimate and impactful, something that celebrates an end of an era.

A Farewell Party

You might think this is obvious and expected. However, believe me there cannot be a bigger faux pas than not throwing a retirement party for your colleague. So, throw a big or intimate party to celebrate the beginning of a new journey and the legacy left behind.

Memory Book

An average person spends one-third of their life at work. And believe me, even though most of us suffer through the Monday blues every week, we still have an amazing time at work. This is why a memory book is as perfect as retirement gifts can become. Gift a simple, personalized memory book and photo album that shows the wonderful journey your colleague had made. In fact, list out all incidents the good, the bad and the Ugly. Also, try adding some hilarious moments that you have made together, after all, any farewell is empty without recounting few embarrassing stories.

Gardening Kit

Kind of does sound clichéd but gardening is a very therapeutic experience and can help a person transition into a new life. A gardening kit complete with a guidebook for beginners and some of the basic gardening tool is the perfect gift. It will give your retiring friend a reason to rise early and get out of bed.

Adventure Fund

A person works for an average of 35 years to earn the status of a retiree, and there could be no better way to celebrate this than by embarking on a mad adventure trip. By starting or contributing to an adventure fund, you can help your friend tick something off their bucket list. After all, post-retirement it is not the time but money, which is a constraint.

Few Good Books

Books are after all human’s best friend. Now that your friend has all the time in the world help him/her build an awesome library. Here, they can spend some leisurely time without worrying about any deadlines or meetings.

Do It Yourselves (‘DIY’) Kits

One of the best thing that the DIY mania has taught me is that we can literally do anything by ourselves if we can give enough time and effort. There are a variety of DIY kits available ranging from knitting to robot building. After all, you never know your colleague might be a closet scientist or a fashion designer.

These are just some of the example of what retirement gifts can look like. So choose wisely and gift something that is thoughtful and leaves an impact. Because even though we all crib about going to work, it is a huge part of our life. And you can help make this bittersweet experience more sweet less bitter.

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