Five Awesome Return Gifts for Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Return Gifts

Take-home gifts are very special as they always bring back the fond memories of the happy moments spent on an occasion. Birthdays are one such occasion that kids love to celebrate and you can add on to that celebration by choosing the best return gifts. Afterall, you would want the little ones to leave with a smile on their faces.

Top 5 Return Gifts

Piggy Bank:

This adorable piggy bank will encourage the little ones to get into the habit of saving early and that too in a fun way. Use the slit on top to insert the coins and when the bank is full, the kids can simply remove the coins and treat themselves to whatever they fancy. Cool, isn’t it? Trust us, this is the most valuable gift for the generation now. Even their mothers with appreciate it!

Funky Badges:

Kids love to binge-watch cartoons. Treat them with cool and funky badges of their favorite cartoon characters like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety, or other Looney tunes characters. They would love to flaunt their new badges every chance they get. In fact, you will never see them without their badges on (at least for a few days).

Toy Binoculars:

Kids are an inquisitive bunch. Toy binoculars are one of the best return gift ideas for children’s birthday party. The next time they go out on their quest or for bird-watching, camping or playing outside, they would enjoy even more exploring the world around them. Toy binoculars are also a great companion when traveling to a new place, or out hiking. Even at home, you will see them watch outside the windows in fascination as the streets come up close and the mountains look like never before.

Planting Kit:

Planting or gardening kit is an amazing return gift idea for your a birthday party as kids of all ages can enjoy this. Not only will this encourage educational skills, but the kids would also learn to love and value nature. Parents and the children can plant something together and share the joy of watching it grow. It is so much better than all the passive gifts we see. Nothing is so awesome as something so REAL.

Glow In The Dark Stars:

Kids will fall in love with these glittering star stickers. They can stick these on their walls and watch in wonder as they glow in the dark. They can create their own constellations and get mesmerized by their starry ceiling.

Planning for your kid’s birthday party is undoubtedly a thrilling affair, but it can also get very hectic. With our compilation of return gifts for children’s birthday party, we hope that we could save some of your precious time. However, if you want to explore a little more – browse through Love to Have’s curated list – Return Gifts and pick one that you love!

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