Social Gifting: More the Merrier

Social Gifting is the solution for getting that Perfect Gift

There are perhaps thousands of reasons to justify our love for giving and receiving gifts. No matter what we achieve in life it seems empty till we receive a validation of our achievement in form of gifts and wishes from our loved ones. Gifting is a social phenomenon which brings us together and appreciates all small or big happy moments of life. Social Gifting is revolutinary new idea.

We all spend a good chunk of our leisure time on social media and share information of our life events, product preferences, age, gender and what not. In fact, many a times life’s major events like weddings, graduations, promotions or birth are first announced via social media. And the use of this platform for giving presents has given birth to social gifting.

Social gifting can be made more inclusive and effective by converting it into a group activity. How many times have you gifted something to your friends knowing that they may not like it or they want something else just because your pocket does not permit you. You want to give that perfect gift but alas it’s a tad too expensive. The solution to this dilemma is quite simple and at your fingertips.What would you do if you want to gift an iPhone but your budget is not even one tenth of the product price? You can either change what you gift or overstretch your budget. Instead of trying to stretch your budget include your common friends and family members in your gifting group and give the perfect gift.

Again group gifting can become a great hassle if you have to chase after people for contributions. At Love to Have we have the perfect solution for this problem. For any item which is marked for group gifting, our wishlist or gift registry platform allows guests to make contributions of any denominations towards the gift. Even if the contributions are short of the target contribution, the receiver can withdraw the amount that has been funded towards the gift.

Next time when you know what your best friend wants for their birthday, anniversary or any occasion instead of gifting something that fits your budget involve their family and friends and gift them their dream wishlist.

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