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Men are very exasperating creatures. Finding special gifts for him is even more exasperating. You will never find one sister who is not annoyed by her brother. Or a daughter who does not find her father bit over protective. And let’s not even talk about husbands. But they also mean the world to their sisters, daughters, wives, and friends. So, has the special man in your life just landed himself a big promotion or it’s his birthday, and even if there is no such occasion, and you just wish to gift him something because you love to have him in your life. Well, doesn’t matter what the reason is – her are special ideas for special gifts for him.

  1. Branded attire for some special occasion.

Something Indi-chic for festivals & weddings or classy formals for his office gatherings & meetings or any special occasion will woo his heart. Another plus, you get to see him wear it.

  1. Men’s Fashion Accessories

Be it a beautiful bracelet or classy cufflinks, your man is going to love it. When it comes to fashion accessories there are many options available like trendy ties & pocket squares, scarves, bow ties, watches & wallets, belts & bags, hats, ring, pendants, sunglasses and more.

  1. Men’s Grooming Kit

In case your man is too lazy to pick cosmetics at the supermarket, you can help him out. Pick the best cosmetic products such as shower gel, hair gel, skin care products, cologne, perfumes etc. Gift it to him in a cute gift bag.

  1. PlayStation or Xbox

Let your man be a little kid once in a while and play station will do just that. We bet he’s going to have fun and so will you. Also, many men admit that this one would definitely be on his secret Birthday Gift Registry.

  1. Kindle or an iPod

For the man who loves to live in the world of books and music. Just think of passing a lazy afternoon reading good books and listening to some great music.

  1. DSLR Camera

Is there any man out there who doesn’t think he is an ace photographer? Indulge him! Further there many options for good quality DSLR available in the market. So, gift something that suits him.

  1. A bottle of his favourite wine

Something great to savour in each other’s company. Also, a bottle of his go-to drink will be cherished and enjoyed by him.

  1. Something for the sports lover or an avid traveller

There are many travel essentials to choose like travel gear, rucksacks, hiking shoes, Compass, camping accessories, Swiss knife kit and so on for your adventure junkie. Or you can gift him the kit of Tennis, basketball, cricket or whatever sport he plays.

Don’t over think the relationship or the gift – every day is special and you don’t need an occasion to get special gifts for him. Indulge him and make his day, week, month or year!

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