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Did you search for unique gifts? You want your gift to be completely different and quirky. But the bottom line for you is – Unique but worthy. Unique but sensible. Unique but forever. It should not be tacky in the name of unique. Right? Right. Here’s a list of some unique gifts.

Grab These Unique Gifts Before They Are Gone!

Gift Snacks:
Presenting at your disposal one of the most unique gifts for that foodie friend of yours. Instead of guessing which snack he might enjoy, gift him this Snackible Gift card with a desired amount of money in it and let him choose from varieties of mouthwatering snacks; whole wheat waffles, walnut brownies, peppered makhanas, pita chips and much more! This time you can be sure that he’s munching health-ies. Isn’t it one of the unique gifts you were looking for?

Travel Neck Pillows:
This one for that globetrotter friend of yours. There’s always this one friend who you never see around because he is always flying over to someplace. Gift this travel neck pillow so that he doesn’t sprain his neck while napping and so that he has a safe and happy journey. Always. And also so that he does not that forget that he has a caring friend down on earth. You’ve been asking him to bring souvenirs for you on returning; how about gifting him one before he goes to bring yours?

Antique Wall Hanging:
This isn’t just a simple Lord Ganesha wall hanging. There is a diya with three bells hanging at the bottom. Each one is made up of brass, giving it an antique look. With Lord Ganesha and the diyas around, this is the most pious and auspicious addition to any modern home.

Convertible Bean Bag:
Bean bags have been everyone’s favourite jump-into place. It’s spongy and comfy. Once you sit on it, struggling out of its comfort zone is very tough. What if you come to know that you can actually turn your bean bag into a bed? You would rush to grab it! Won’t you? Fight for a seat in this bean bag with your friend and patch up by lying and giggling on this bed together.

Now that you are sorted, grab these unique gifts from the links and stand out from the crowd.

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