Wedding Gift Ideas: Follow the Etiquettes but Break the Monotony

Wedding Gift Ideas a blog by love to Have Gift Registry and Wishlist

When your friends share their wedding gift registries you always know that the gift you buy is worth it. But what do you do no wedding gift registry to refer to? Finding a perfectly suited gift is a task. What you select must be something that both of them will like. The gift definitely should not be predictable. It cannot be a duplicate gift. Let it be something useful, and it must get appreciated. And the list goes so on. Therefore, a gift has too many criterias to fulfill. Thankfully, Love to Have Gift Registry and Wishlist App has a plethora of such thoughtful, classic, contemporary, modern, chic, antique or purposeful wedding gift ideas.

Wedding Gift ideas with a Difference:

In India, weddings can sometimes happen in such a rush that the couple hardly know each other before tying the knot. Thus, there is a certain awkwardness and topics of common interest may not be known as yet. How about some innovative games to break the ice between the two?

Everyone loves to play monopoly. What if you could customise the game? ‘Lovepoly’ by Dottedi, listed on Love to Have Wishlist App is an ideal wedding gift. It is the basic monopoly which is personalised with the couple’s pictures and memories. The game is fun, exciting, affordable and with be remembered forever.

A wedding is only the beginning. There are many more occasions to celebrate that follow the wedding. How about raising a toast with a personalised champagne glass? The couple will surely love it and will remember you on every special day.
At Love to Have Wishlist App, you can purchase Luigi Bormioli’s exclusive classic collection and get it personalised or get Couple personalised champagne flutes from Exciting Lives.

Some Wedding Gift Etiquettes:

Respect the couple’s wishes. And, if they say no flowers or cash, it means exactly that. Therefore, get innovative with your ideas.

If they have made a registry, stick to their list. If you cannot afford something, pool in resources with others by using the Group Gift facility by Love To Have.

Are you unsure? If so, then browse through some of Love to Have’s carefully curated boards and pick a gift that speaks to you.

Gift within 2-3 months of the wedding. A gift coming in after a year is only a formality with no meaning.

If you have to attend several celebrations like the cocktail, engagement etc, a gift for each one is good. Thus, budget accordingly.

Further more, don’t lose your sleep over wedding gift ideas. Head straight to Love to Have App. Explore the plethora of fitting, unique and exciting gifts.

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