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Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue

These days marriage seems like an epidemic. Like a snowball effect, it starts with one person in your social circle marrying and then before you even blink your eye everybody and their cousins are tying the knot. Marriages have a magical atmosphere but zeroing on a perfect wedding gifts for bride is exhausting. Love to Have brings to you a bouquet of unique wedding gifts for bride. So, if you have a wedding to attend or planning to throw your bestie a bridal shower or are the bride planning your own wedding registry just go through our wishlist and enjoy the wedding season without the hassles of gift finding.

Try These Wedding Gifts for Bride

Starting a new life gives ample opportunity for creating loads of memories. Gift a good quality DSLR camera to eternalize the memories and the bride will remember you every time she reminisces those memories.

Frame it up
The thing with memories is that they tend to be forgotten in some unused folder of your laptop. A custom made frame to showcase the mementoes from the life of the couple would be a perfect gift. A digital frame is also a great option if the bride is a tech geek.

Vintage Chest/Trunk
We women always lament about nothing to wear, but we also never have enough space to store them. It is especially true for a bride who has just shopped a village in preparation for her wedding. And the vintage trunks also look amazing with almost any interior. A home for her wedding trousseau will be truly appreciated.

Just because your wedding gets over the wedding festivities does not. There are hundreds of invitations asking newlyweds for lunch/dinner giving the bride hundreds of reason to get ready. There are many makeup gift sets available from leading brands like Sephora, Victoria’s secret or you could also choose bride’s favorite makeup brand.

Household chore helper
Nope, we no longer live in a world where princesses had their own entourage to do her bidding. Hence we come to more practical gifts like a Vacuum Cleaner or washing machine or dishwasher or anything that you feel would make her life easier.

Vanity Table
Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful of them all? Vanity tables are one of the most popular gifts from the Love to Have gift discovery section. This is one gift that she will use daily, multiple times. The vanity could be classic or modern depending on the bride’s taste.

Kitchen Appliances
A great way to help the new bride is to gift something to make cooking easy. Our research shows that kitchen appliances are most asked for gift registry items. The gift could be a hand mixer or microwave or even a cute kitchen apron depending on your budget and the bride’s wishlist.

Contribute to Experience pool
The best wedding gifts for bride is actually beyond all the mundane – it is a great time or wonderful experiences that she can cherish. And the best way to gift that is by contributing towards an exciting honeymoon experience she can have. Of course, the gift could go towards anything the bride desires. Starting a cash fund is also a great idea for social gift registry.

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