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Likes can be so diverse. The wife-to-be may want to go deep sea diving and the husband-to-be may fantasize going for a lazy camping day. The lady may like funky, quirky and cool, while the man may like it simple, classy and stunning. When you have to choose wedding gifts for couples, would you favour the girl or the boy? To avoid the dilemma, one can go neutral. A gift without gender bias is good. After you do your research, send out the list to the couple or encourage them to make a wishlist. Let them agree to disagree on what they don’t want. Start here.

Interesting Wedding Gifts for Couples

– The couple will be a clicking a lot of pictures in the coming days. What will happen to all those memories? They will stay in the mobile, go to the laptop or get stored in the cloud. Nobody takes the time to go through them together and re-live the beautiful moments.

Get a smartphone projector to watch all those lovely photos on the full screen, blown to 8x magnification. It is possible with this hard cardboard projector by Flintstop. It is a simple DIY piece of art. Put it together without any adhesive. With a holder for your phone, the projector lets you sit back and watch your memories unfold beautifully. Grab one for the newlyweds here.

– The wedding charm and all the love slowly fades away when the routine sets in. You don’t want that to happen to one more couple, right? Gift them some lovely ‘Love tokens’ from Uncommon Goods that they can exchange in their daily lives to keep the passion burning, in spite of the fast-paced life.

Know the rules for gifting couples:

– You need not always find one thing to suit both of them. It can be two things from the same family. A couple watch set or a ring set, for example.

– Since you have to gift a couple and not an individual, your budget will have to be slightly higher than usual. Consider group gifting for a better gift.

– It is okay to ask. Then, spend meaningfully on a gift. Don’t depend on surprises – they can be disappointing if your choices are vastly different.

– Also, nothing works like cash. It is old-fashioned. However, it is still practical. Let the couple splurge the way they like.

– If you know the couple very well, introduce them to the idea of making online wishlists. Thus, the giver and the receiver, both enjoy the gifting process.

However, if you want to explore more ideas, head to Love to Have wishlist app. Furthermore, wedding gifts for couples need not be tedious – there are plenty of curated ideas to pick and gift in no time.


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