Why and How of creating a Wedding Wishlist

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The concept of a wedding registry is gaining increasing acceptance in India. Engaged couples can now register and share their list of gifts they would want on their wedding day with family and friends. Let’s know more about why these wedding wishlists are so beneficial to the would-be couples and also look at some points to remember before you finalize your wedding wishlist.

Why Are Wedding Wishlists Important?

We can all agree that it is annoying to receive gifts that we may never use. Such gifts ultimately end up being recycled only to leave a twang of guilt with you. This is where wedding wishlists enter as saviors. By giving a list of options for your guests to choose from, is like a win-win for both the parties. Not only are you assured of getting something you have actually carefully selected for yourself, but you also get these gifts delivered by such wedding registry services whenever and wherever you may need them.

Here are some tips that you should keep in mind as they will help you make and manage your wedding wishlist:

Get Advice:

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Before you create your wishlist, consider taking the advice of couples who have recently made use of such a service and their ideas. They may be the best people who could provide insights on how to go about creating your own wishlist.

Consider Budgets of All Ranges:

Keep a wide and accessible range when it comes to the budget of the items you include in your wedding wishlist. Not everyone may want to splurge on you, and you should not make any guest feel pressured with your price range to buy you a gift that they cannot afford.

Pick Gifts That Are Long-lasting:

Think wisely about what gifts do you really want. And think long-term. The gifts should be such that can last well beyond your initial marriage years and stand the test of time. No point in buying a gadget that you know is soon to be replaced by a better technology model.

Don’t Focus On One Room Only:

Many couples tend to get stuck buying decorating items for the bedroom or the hall or kitchenware items. Make sure you don’t forget about options like garden furniture or pet accessories. Use the Cash Fund option on Love to Have and pick experiences like travel and tekking.

Have Someone Monitor Your Wedding Wishlist:

Lastly, once you have made your final wedding wishlist, pass on the responsibility of keeping its track to a bridesmaid or your mother. You will be too busy trying to finalise the flowers, the wedding dress and the mammoth idea of a wedding :)!

Furthermore, Check out Love to Have’s carefully curated lists Wedding Wishlist for ideas on gifts to add to your wishlist.

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