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Gifting need not be a wasteful expenditure anymore. Be open, be frank and be the new-age gift giver or seeker. Create a list of your wishes and publish it publicly or privately on Love to Have wish app or wishlist app. Don’t feel guilty about asking gifts you desire. If you shy away from it, you will soon have a godown of gifts you never wanted. Browse through the boards created by other users for a mix of cool, classic, irresistible, attractive and handcrafted quality products. And there is so much more to it. Let’s explore:


– A wishlist or wish app gives users the liberty of adding products to their wishlist and then inviting their friends/family to view it. In its absence, wishes remain wishes and you continue to receive unwanted gifts.

For example, if you are getting married, you can create a wishlist. Guests can easily browse through it and gift you kitchen appliances you don’t already have. They can even make a cash contribution towards your Honeymoon destination.

Wishlist app also is known as social gift discovery app or gift registry is one stop solution for having fresh gifting ideas for every occasion.

– You can easily mark the gifts given by others so that you don’t get the same product twice.

– Wish app also saves you from those boring ‘what do you want’ calls from your friends and family.


Besides what we already mentioned above, Love to Have wishlist app has some exclusive features too:

– There are choices galore. Browse through the specially curated gifts for every occasion, check out unique online store boards or skim through products added by other users.

Love to Have Wishlist/Wish App is instant and at your fingertips. Don’t notepad it; add to wishlist as soon as you feel like it. Even if you like something at an offline store, simply click and upload.

– There is a possibility of group gifting too. Friends can sponsor a complete gift or simply make a contribution towards it. Together, no gift is out of budget.

– It allows you to go beyond products and enlist even experiences. How about scuba diving or a Greece holiday? Add on and let friends make a cash contribution.

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So, there are plenty of reasons to register on a wishlist or wish app. But what it really takes is a change of mindset. It does not help the gift giver or the gift seeker when wishes remain secrets. Bring it out in the open and let the magic begin.

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