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Celebrations are part and parcel of human life. In fact, most of us would have attended multiple events in one month itself. And a gift is always a huge dilemma for the guests attending the party. We worry about committing a faux pas when it comes to gifting. With the rising use of e-commerce, we wish online shopping to be easier, but that is seldom the case. So we are going to help you become an expert that will make you wish online shopping for gifts be as easy as pie.

Don’t keep it last minute

Almost everyone shops online because it can be done even last minute. But remember you need to make allowances for the delivery time. Because when you miss standard delivery window you might have to pay a premium to get express delivery.

Compare deals

There is no worse feeling in the world than to know that you paid a higher price for an item that your friend got at a discount. Most online retailers keep on updating their discount schemes daily. So, try to get the best deal or you will be left to wish online shopping to hell.

Don’t gift clothes

Most returned gifts are clothes. There are so many counts you can go wrong when gifting clothes. Size, color, pattern or material preferences are tough to know. And the risk doubles when you shop online as even you have not actually seen the article. So, try to avoid gifting clothes unless you know the recipient really well or it is in their wishlist.

Remove price tags

There is nothing tackier than a price tag when giving gifts. So make sure that you tick that little box that specifies the item you buy as a gift. In fact, if you are going to deliver the gift directly spend few extra bucks and get the gift wrapped.

Give some thought to the Experiences

Tangible things are prone to wear tear, but memories are eternal. In fact, they grow sweeter with time. Give a thought to gift something that is unique, adventurous and gives memories for a lifetime. There are loads of custom experience packages available online. Browse through them and select an option which matches the recipient’s taste. Experience is one gift that will never be put back on the shelf only to be forgotten.

Shopping online is an easy and attractive option, but to make the experience even more luxurious make note of these basic pointers. Follow our guide and shop online flawlessly.

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Shreya Agarwal
Shreya Agarwal

Much needed post in a time where online shopping is one of the most convenient ways to shop! Especially right about the part where you mention that clothes should not be gifted. Some people need to really understand this. Well-written post, thanks!