Why we should not feel guilty about having a Wishlist

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We have all been through this – yet another gifting occasion and no place to start. It’s so frustrating to look at many stores, online and offline and still end up with the same old gift ideas. And most of the gifts are not very useful to the receiver. All the money and good wishes go down the drain when nobody uses it. Wishlists were invented to end this nightmare. Majority of the guests like registries for a simple reason – it takes zero time investment from them to fetch a perfect gift. Yet, we feel so guilty about making a wishlist and sending it over.

What stops us from making a wishlist?

How to put big-ticket items on the wishlist?

Children can ask Santa for whatever they like. They are kids and nobody minds even if they say they want to go to Finland. If adults put up a wishlist that says they need a gift to holiday in Greece, people may think they are greedy. Will they? Well, it is just a misconception. All the guests can save money otherwise waste on bouquets and make a cash fund contribution through the wishlist app. The cash pool works towards materialising an expensive wish and nobody has to bear the burden. So ideal and so possible.

How to say I want a gift?

Very often, we feel that sending a wishlist to friends is like asking for gifts blatantly. It is more classy to say, ‘No thanks, it is not about gifts. We just want your presence’. While nobody disagrees with that, we know close friends and relatives never come empty-handed. So, let’s get a little more practical and be frank if we have to. It is better than cursing them for getting gifts you never wanted. And, it is also a sheer waste of money. The world is moving towards a more practical approach to gifting with wishlists and people who shy away will be left behind with junk gifts. So say it and say it aloud – I want a gift from my wishlist. People will see the forward thinker you are.

Why make an open wishlist when you can say it discreetly?

Wishlists are a convenient way of getting the presents that you want. It also saves a lot of time spent by the relatives in order to hunt for an appropriate gift for you. Wishlists also make it easier to coordinate the products so that you don’t end up with the same product twice. Since wishlists can be seen online, there is no location barrier and your friends from far away can easily send you a gift based on your wishlist and vice versa. It also saves you the trouble of answering the calls regarding ‘what do you want?’ and then remembering what item you asked for.

So if you have a guilt stemming from thoughts like – ‘Am I looking greedy?’, ‘Isn’t this way too expensive for a simple item?’, ‘Do I really need this right now?’, ‘Does this fit the budget of my guests?’ etc, then stop worrying. Guests prefer the registries. The wishlist helps them in understanding the receiver’s taste better. It also helps a group of friends to purchase an expensive item by pitching in money together. Many friends like to do that as opposed to buying individual inexpensive gifts.

All in all, a wishlist is an ideal way of sorting your gift preferences at one place. It makes the gift selection process easier for your guests. It is a win-win!

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